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It's official: Apple's iPhone 4 will be available on US carrier Verizon's network on 10 February. Tweaked for CDMA - all the others use GSM - the handset will be priced at $200 for the 16GB model and $300 for the 32GB version. Verizon subscribers can order ahead of the rush, on 3 February. Unique to Verizon's iPhone: 3G …


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  1. Mike Hanna

    3G mobile hotspot

    I love that idea? When can I get that from O2 in the UK?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: When can I get that from O2 in the UK?

      You can get that now. (If you bin your iP.O.S. and switch to an Android 2.2 phone).

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward


        Aside from the obvious, bin your current one and get any other brand of smart phone, the answer is...You've always been able to (at least since the 3G came out), just go to your Iphone supplier and ask to have tethering adding to your account. You have to pay for it but it is available...or jail break it.

      2. David Simpson 1

        Here here....

        Or in fact any rooted Android phone from 1.5 onwards....iP.O.S, I love it!

      3. Anonymous Coward


        Android rocks. I especially love how stable and reliable it is when using a wifi signal. Or how it so masterfully handles proxy servers on corporate wifi networks. Or that all of the handsets can run all of the same applications equally well, in tablet form or not. Or the fact I can use it all day on a single charge without worrying.

        Oh wait...

        Wake me up when Android matures. right now it is a POS behind iOS and Symbian (my OS of choice).

        Yes you can use your iPhone in tethered mode - O2 will charge extra for it. No idea if this means it can be used as a wifi hotspot over being plugged in over USB though.

        1. Dazzz
          Thumb Up

          Symbian hotspot

          For symbian try Joikuspot on OVI

          Free version lets you use it as an unsecured wifi hotspot, paid version lets you secure the hotspot

      4. R 11


        Why do you need Android? My five year old Nokia E61 can act as a Wifi hotspot.

      5. Blue Buddha

        @Stike Vomit

        Isn't it past your bedtime laddie? This is a forum for adults where technology and related issues are discussed in balanced, reasoned and rational debate. Oh, wait...

        Honestly, every time El reg posts an article that relates to either Android or Apple, these discussions turn into my old school playground, where "ZX Spectrum vs C64" was the battleground. It was boring then too.

        1. TheRealRoland

          Now, the MSX on the other hand....

          That was a computer!

          I agree. Getting sick of these non-arguments. Just comment on the article itself, instead of iTard/AndroidTard jacking these comments.

      6. Giles Jones Gold badge

        Mobile hotspot

        Using such a feature is breaking the terms and conditions of your contract.

    2. I ain't Spartacus Gold badge

      Use Android 2.3, as stated by our friend above

      Or get a MiFi on PAYG from 3 for about £50 - then unlock and put an O2 SIM in it (though I seem to recall reading that all 3's stuff comes unlocked).

      Just checked, and you can now buy them on Amazon, and I'm sure elsewhere for less than the £90 asked here...

      I've been amazed by how fast the connection speed is on it, and it works beautifully with my iPad, and with the PC when I moved house and had no broadband. It was good enough for me to watch the cricket on SkyPlayer at decent quality.

    3. Greg J Preece

      I used to do that...

      ...on Windows Mobile 2003.

      Still do, on Android.

      Nice to see Apple leading the way, as usual.

  2. Darryl

    Mobile hotspot

    I love the ads that Verizon has run on this feature on Androids in the past - showing some hip person sitting on a bench surfing the web on her phone and a bunch of other (presumably strangers) nearby also using her connection on their various laptops, etc.

    I'd hate to see the data usage on her next bill.

  3. Radelix

    Apple 4 Verizon

    3 year old rumor finally proven true.

  4. Steven Knox


    Well AIUI, SIM is a GSM requirement, but not a CDMA one. Here in the States, every GSM phone I've seen has a SIM slot. None of the CDMA ones I've seen do.

    As for the antenna redesign, I'd say it's most likely due to frequencies used, as the gaps that caused the grip of death are still in the same place.

  5. kempsy

    Missed opportunity for a headline perhaps?

    "the Jesus phone's second coming" :-)

  6. NFFC

    Can Android owners just STFU? Just for one minute maybe?

    It's great that they turn every post about iPhones into pissing contests. Really.

  7. Steve Davies 3 Silver badge
    Big Brother

    Re: 3G Hotspot

    Get a mifi from Three and put your O2/Vodafone/T-Mobile/etc Sim in it.

    OTher devices are available.

  8. Cormac 3

    Do your cellular homework, Reg

    There's no SIM, built-in or otherwise, because CDMA handsets don't use SIM cards.

    1. Daniel B.


      Yup. CDMA doesn't require a SIM, which is why CDMA carriers tend to use this to their advantage, locking down their handsets pretty hard.

      At least our own CDMA carrier in Mexico has deployed a GSM network and put out the iPhone on that one, so there won't be any portability issues over here. :D

    2. ThomH Silver badge

      It's not Android owners in general

      There is a group of people that have issues with everyone different from themselves. They see the world in stark black and white tones. Since they're consumers, some subset of them end up with Android phones and come on places like here to shout at everybody else. Similarly, some subset of them has iPhones and probably another is still very happy with a Nokia 3210.

      So it's not Android owners you want to be unhappy with, it's a completely orthogonal set of idiots.

      1. James Melody

        I agree

        I went from an HTC Desire to an iPhone4. I still long for the Desire and I found it better in nearly every respect. The only problem was the battery life.

    3. JaitcH

      CDMA handsets don't have SIMs, other applications do

      None voice/SMS communications applications, as in for remote control or data acquisition, occasionally do use physical plug-in memory chips so that in the event of a module failure, the 'SIM' data can be easily transferred to the replacement unit in the field.

    4. Lance 3

      Meet the kettle

      The iPhoneys did the same when it came out and thought Apple invented everything it did. They were so proud of their phone littered with stolen ideas.

    5. Lance 3


      No, AT&T and Verizon use the same frequency bands, just different technologies on them. AT&T is on the 850 as is Verizon and they both have 1900MHz bands as well.

      Apple fixed the antennae issue and I expect a class action lawsuit from unsatisfied users.

    6. Lance 3

      But they can

      The CDMA spec does allow for the use of a SIM.

  9. Quxy

    "Built-in SIM"?

    Verizon's CDMA phones don't use SIM cards (or the equivalent R-UIM card used in CDMA phones in China), as the service is tied to a unique identifiers (ESN and MEID) permanently programmed into the handset.

  10. Rupert Stubbs

    No SIM card slot because Version CDMA doesn't use a SIM

    Duh. I though you guys should know stuff like that?

    1. DZ-Jay

      Re: "Buil-in SIM"?

      Also, the additional segment in the peripheral antenna is a secondary receive antenna required by the Verizon specifications for their network. AnandTech is even claiming that the "death-grip" still attenuates the signal, so obviously Apple does not consider their antenna design an issue.

      In short, no conspiracy as suggested by the article.


  11. This post has been deleted by its author

  12. Carniphage

    Badly researched article.

    The WiFi tethering feature is not an "app", but a system update. GSM phones should get it with 4.3

    Presumably, it will be enabled by carrier settings. Hoping that Three will leave it enabled.

    The MyWi app for jail broken phones has offered this feature for a long time.


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