back to article Doctor Who and the Stig become public speakers

Speakal, US-based manufacturer of novelty speaker systems, is at the Consumer Electronics Shows (CES) this year with a fresh range of set-ups, which include these Top Gear and Doctor Who inspired designs. This replica Stig helmet includes an iPod dock, digital amplifier and 25W output with built-in sub-woofer. Give him a track …


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  1. Llanfair

    Stig speakers

    Surely they would be completely silent if they were true to form? That is before he stabbed everyone in the back.

    1. Haku


      Just like the proposed "Talking Stig Doll", you pull the string on the back and no sound comes out...

      1. Wize


        Been reading Jolly Jack's Sequential Art?

        There was talk of a terrorist doll. No one knew what it said as no one had the guts to pull the string.

    2. Flugal


      Indeed. The helmet promises on it's packaging to stay completely silent, then spews forth when it feels it's not entirely happy with the deal it signed.

    3. Real Name

      some say

      The speakers come with their own book.

  2. Peter Kay

    Wrong TARDIS

    Nice title, but wrong picture (or an incorrect product).

    The current (11th Doctor, Matt Smith) TARDIS has a St. John's Ambulance logo on the door, which is absent all the way back to the first four series (Doctor 1, William Hartnell).

    (my Doctor Who geekiness extends to watching the programme and noting the difference, but not to knowing all the history - I thought the St. John's Ambulance sticker was a first with Doctor 11. Apparently not, see :

    1. Admiral Grace Hopper

      Attention to detail

      "St. John Ambulance", please. There is no possesive 's'. See also Mary Hopkin; she must despair.

  3. Ian Ferguson

    Stig Alarm Clock...

    ...just don't turn away from it, it'll stab you in the back. :)

  4. Trygve Henriksen

    The Stig helmet...

    Does it also remove the vocals from the soundtrack?

  5. Real Name

    The stigs head

    So thats where it rolled off to...

  6. Elmer Phud

    Top Gear?

    While the tired 'stab in the back' comments keep coming, as both of the devices are from BBC series I wonder who holds the 'Stig' copyright?

    Top Gear played on the 'Who is the Stig' idea for a long time, they made a lot of dosh out of it.

    The 'Some say he . . .' was getting boring and they created a 'personality' that had more charisma than the three stooges, despite bing silent.

    Has no-one outed the 'truck-driving Stig', the 'A;frican Stig, the 'USA stig' etc. etc.?

    'Stig is a traitor' -- ffs leave it out, it's only a kids entertainment programme. This has all the drama of knowing that Blue Peter swapped out pets as they died off.

  7. Sampler

    Change of colour?

    Last time the Stig was outed he went from black to white - so if the next Stig doesn't have a white helmet won't these guys have a pile of useless product (I suppose even if it was the right colour that still might apply ;) )

  8. Stuart Halliday

    Still going strong

    Nice to see the humble Police Box design still in production after it was first used as a model railway ornament back in 1930s. I still own the original black version how geeky am I?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Messiah Reborn

      In the Middle East Special, the baby Jesus is actually a baby Stig and he is resplendent in white. I don't think the BBC can afford to lose the "white Stig" image.**

      ** no racism-related comments please

  9. the old rang

    The forgotten Stig

    Noting disparaging comments about "The Stig."...

    First, off site 'stigs' aside...

    there was more than one Stig. That was so that if there were problems, they could replace the driver with.... get ready... another driver. This was the entire reason behind the helmet, no talking, and other traits.

    In after article links (which did not include the manufacturer, btw)...

    You have only 'Dr. Who - cares' links, not one for 'Stig' or 'Top Gear.'

  10. John 62

    Stig helmet substitutes your music

    for the background music used for comic effect during Stig's hot laps. Grime gets swapped for power ballads. dubstep and UK garage get swapped for the language lessons.

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