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This is the second upgrade made to the Palm Pre since the original version appeared almost two years ago, and the first since the company was acquired by HP. The last tweak, the Palm Pre Plus, made a few changes, but this latest version raises the bar considerably. Palm Pre 2 Palm's Pre 2: refined design The Palm Pre 2 …


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  1. chriswakey


    I loved my original Pre, and still think the OS is one of the best on the market for any mobile device.

    However, the reliability of the original hardware was shocking (seriously, search for "pre oreo twist" or "pre headset stuck"), and I eventually had to call it quits and buy a new phone as the earphone speaker worked for all sounds, except when on a call, when it would shut off.

    I've moved onto a Desire Z and, unless the reliability of the Pre improves massivley with the Pre 2, I won't be going back.

    That said, I would love a tablet with WebOS on it...

  2. Wheaty73


    Does WebOS2 allow for SIP clients yet?

  3. Cameron Colley

    Damn, wanted it all the way up to the battery life comment.

    Am I the only person who wants to be able to use my phone all day, browsing the web on an off, and still be able to phone a taxi in the evening or use it less and not charge it on a weekend trip, for example?

    Looks like my next phone will be another Nokia E series or a Blackberry. Shame, because this look like a nice phone.

    1. NogginTheNog
      Thumb Down


      I'm still waiting for a smartphone* where I can have it on me, USE it's many functions, and not have to keep in the back fo my mind where I might find a suitable charging point if I need it...

      * I'm don't include iPhones - hate 'em!

  4. Anonymous Coward


    Same rating as HTC DesireHD? Get real...

    4,500 apps is apprently "building nicely". Yet Android gets downmarked for only having 200,000 apps because it's less than Apple....

    Read all the negative points. Does it really sound like it's onpar with a HTC Desire (which costs the same price more or less)..

    Another day, another biased review from El-Reg.

    1. Silver

      On par with the Desire HD is about right

      Having used equal measures of Pre and Desire HD, the equal rating makes sense.

      The Desire HD has great hardware but the software is lacking as some of the HTC "improvements" aren't very well thought out, a bit buggy or missing something small which makes the experience a little frustrating. As in, loads of features but the polish isn't quite there.

      Case in point, you cannot read a contacts address if it is too long because it scrolls off the end of the screen and doesn't word-wrap. Or if you start the calendar, flip sideways three days, hit menu and then "Add Schedule" that the date pre-populated isn't the one you're were looking at when you added the appointment. Yeah, both of them are minor and there are workarounds - but that isn't the point, it is the small things like these which show the difference between a user interface that has been carefully thought through and designed with how people use the device in mind and one which, well, hasn't.

      On the other hand with the Pre, the software is really slick, has a great look and feel and is very intuitive. What lets it down is the poor quality hardware (case and the low resolution screen) and the fixed keyboard with tiny keys - which may be loved by techies the world over but not by the rest of the phone buying public.

      HP could be onto a winner here if they get the hardware right. Of course, that is a big "if", but fingers crossed for them...

    2. NellyD


      I agree wholeheartedly. The Pre2 with webOS2 pushes way in front. I'd also point out that, in my book, 200000 turds are not better than 4500 diamonds.

      And moving on to the review... page 3 makes it sound like unified email inbox, Exchange push mail and a flash for the camera are new. Eh, no.

  5. MikeyWilko
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    WebOS is the daddy!

    I still have my original Pre and still love it to bits. The touchstone charging is still brilliant and I hope they've kept this (I may have missed it in the review). WebOS is just brilliant and so quick and easy to use.

    Unlike chriswakey, I have had no problems at all with mine. It still works perfectly, gives me nearly 2 days of battery and feels very sturdy. I do share his comments about the tablet though, I can't wait to see what HP come up with as WebOS would be perfect for that. The App Catalog will only grow from here, but even though it 'only' has 4500 apps, that really is plenty. The writing was on the wall for the Pre (and pixi) at one point so I hope HP can evolve this brilliant product futher.

  6. Ben Brandwood

    I loved my Pre

    I recently bought a Pre (the original one) - I loved it, great UI and OS, lovely form factor etc.

    But the quality was shoddy to say the least - in the *3* months I had it

    1) Touchstone charging stopped working properly (would sit and chime at irregular intervals all through the night)

    2) Slider became stuck on a regular basis

    3) The two halves would twist (oreo)

    4) and finally, the power button just stopped working - no drop, no noise - just stopped pressing down

    Three months - I went back to my 2007 vintage iPhone which still works fine. Shame really

  7. Jim Coleman


    ...the Windows Phone 7 app store has more apps in it than the WebOS store.

    What does that tell you about WebOS?

  8. Caff


    If the battery could last 4 days I would be sold... though in any smartphone that would be a feat.

    1. jai


      for a 4-day battery in a smart phone, it'd weigh a ton and be the size of an 80's mobile phone brick. and while you might be willing to buy it, i'd suspect you're the only one

  9. Richie 1

    They missed a trick with the name

    It should have been Pre++.

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