back to article Sony Ericsson lights up Xperia Arc

The PlayStation Phone hasn't (yet) made an appearance at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), so Sony Ericsson fans will have to make do with the Xperia Arc, a very slim Android smartphone that, as its name suggests, is curved. The metal backed, chrome plastic sided handset is built around a 4.2in, 480 x 854 capacitive multi- …


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  1. Matthew 4

    Keyboard too hopefully?

    If so I can finally upgrade from my X1..

  2. Tom Richardson

    No internal storage?

    None at all? Are you sure about this? Because unless SE have done some serious fiddling, not all Android apps can be installed to the SD card, are Arc users simpley not going to be able to use these apps? And what about widgets and launchers and things which don't work very well when consigned to external storage, because Android tries to load them before the SD card is properly mounted?

  3. Anonymous Coward
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    Good looker

    that's the best looking SE Android mobile phone by some margin, esp. in black.

  4. handle
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    iPhone no longer "the world's slimmest smartphone"

    Haha - iPhone is 9.3mm thick, so Apple won't even be able to claim that any more in its increasingly desperate advertising.

  5. Chris Eaton

    internal storage

    Can you check this El Reg - go back to the stand and pretend you lost your car keys/child or something and have a nosey on the menu - I do like SE designs for their android phones they have really sorted some of the production issues they were having out of late,and they just look finished.

  6. MrCheese
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    I think and/or hope

    I think and/or hope the author means "no onboard storage of meaningful size". My SE Satio, like all recent SE handsets has a tiny but functional amount of onboard storage (presumably for the OS, apps etc.) and then they supplement that with a freebie removable SD card for the big stuff.

    It's looks like a damn tempting contender for my next phone, any clues regarding battery life yet?

  7. chris

    SE + Android = FAIL

    SE has a very hard time getting their act together. We will see this phone in the market in Q4 when every spec on this phone is out of date. Plus to top it off they will not release any updates for it. BTW: The x10 is already being discontinued by AT&T. Think the Arc could make it at least 6 months? I don't think so.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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