back to article Becks offloads Posh Porsche on eBay

David Beckham is offloading his Porsche 911 Turbo Convertible on eBay ahead of an impending return to Premiership football at Tottenham. The wheels cost Becks £100k new back in 2008, and he apparently stumped another £50k having it modified to an all-black "murdered out" state. Back's black Porsche The motor boasts " …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    Murdered is right

    What a horrible thing to do to a nice car :(

    1. Anonymous Coward

      Well, he does have a reputation to uphold, right?

      After all he's well known for his taste...

    2. Ian 62

      its 'on-trend'...

      The mat black paint job is 'IN'. Audi, Ford, etc all starting to offer the flat look paint job.

      It is fecking terrible though.

      1. Andrew Macrobie

        Matte Black

        Is often a vinyl wrap applied over the top of the paint job. See from 1:33 onwards. Personally, I think the RS500 looks better with "real" paint than the plastic crap, but hey ho...

    3. David Kelly 2

      I agree

      On the other hand if he can buy a car for 100, add 50, barely drive it for 2 years then with 6 days remaining 200 is already bid, then he should do this more often.

      Just don't do it to any car I love.

      1. caffeine addict Silver badge

        remember the exchange rates....

        £100k + £50k = $230k

        1. jai

          but if in include depreciation?

          but he's still up if you consider the amount anyone elses car would have depreciated after 2 years

  2. DJ 2

    It's matt black.

    Who the hell would be stupid eno... oh right yeah THEY painted it black..

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    Nice car?

    I thought it was quite appropriate, Horrible thing for a Horrible car

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    The epotome of stupidity

    A fool and their money can destroy a perfectly good Porsche in no time. Only Honda boys drive flat paint cars.

    1. Jolyon

      Eptiome the fool

      Yours would be green, I take it?

  5. Pavlov's obedient mutt

    good lord

    I stupidly went to the murdered out web site

    and then, even more stupidly read some of the comments from the rocket scientists who visit.

    I can feel my brain leaking out my ass in an attempt to get away from my eyes as punishment

    1. Mr_Pitiful

      You Sir

      Owe me a new keyboard

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Paris Hilton

      it's LA

      They're too busy sunning themselves by the pool to read books. Feckin lizard people I tell ya'

      (name the comedian I just paraphrased and win a free interwebz!)

    3. Naughtyhorse

      new kbd reqd...

      one of them nice murdered out uber fasionable ones pls

  6. Captain Jack


    Comes in any colour... as long as it's black.

  7. Chrissy


    50k for a 5 litre can of Hammerite Matt Black???

    1. LesC

      Sir, you beat me to it.

      Was thinking along the lines of Ronseal "Blackboard Paint" the stuff you used to make your Hillman Imp matt black...

      Mines is the one with the chalk in the pocket.

  8. phileh

    David create the aution himself?

    Looks like David might have created the auction himself... Looks like he wants a deposit of $500 within 72 hours of the auction close and then gives a generous 3 days to cough up the rest! Wot a div...

  9. Alien Doctor 1.1

    Stuff goes here?

    "heated front seats, parking assist...thicker leather steering wheel"

    Heated seats? Posh needs that to make up for her skinny arse not providing enough insulation.

    Parking assist? I've seen some Beckham moves that warrant something similar on-field.

    Thicker...steering wheel? No comment.

    1. Destroy All Monsters Silver badge


      May I correct you, sir, in that, in actuality, you just posted a comment.

      Apart from that, that design looks nice (Tamiya XF69 NATO Black?).

      But that's just because I like tanks and consider cars of whatever couleur a tad limp-wristed.

  10. The Indomitable Gall


    Isn't there some old saying along the lines of "to those that have, great gifts shall be given"?

    So one of the richest men in sport can make a profit on a car, whereas anyone else who might actually notice the cost gets to watch their wheels depreciate.

    Richness is its own reward.

  11. The Indomitable Gall


    It's just passed the million mark.

    When the auction ends, we will be able to identify the one man in the world who is both richer and thicker than St David of Wembley.

    1. The Beer Monster


      Lord Rooney of Cheshire then?

    2. Jeremy 2

      Million? Not any more.

      Back down to $125K and reserve not met.

      Presumably this the auction is attracting a fair number of jokers...

  12. Chris 244
    Thumb Down

    He paid an extra 50K?

    For a can of spray paint and some masking tape?

  13. Simon Cresswell

    Herr Doktor Porsche...

    ..will be hitting the rev limiter in his grave.

    1. Anonymous Coward

      @Simon Cresswell

      I don't think so. These cars are just meant to quickly identify a rich guy with few brain cells. Others use plain VW cars. Reliable, functional, economic and well designed to haul a family and their furniture purchases from Ikea to home.

      This car only hauls the rich guy and one smart person. Who is female of course.

    2. Steve Evans


      You mean flipping arse about face and going through the scenery backwards?

      Oh, hang on, that's normal behaviour ;-)

  14. davescafe

    Definately distinctive

    I like the look of the car. It's definitely distinctive. The basic styling of the 911 hasn't changed much over the years. Porsche's look is clearly classic, but it is also rather mundane compared to other vehicles in it's price range. Beckham's approach is certainly not for all tastes, but it would command a second look, even from the ultra-wealthy residents of Beverly Hills. In fact, that may be the entire point.

    Mine's the one with the salmiakki in the pocket.

  15. Anonymous Coward


    ...and the reserve is still not met????

    DB you really are taking the piss surely...then again some muppet will buy it, so what I meant to say was....kudos!

    It's your round - you'll be able to afford it soon

  16. Cunningly Linguistic

    Back down to...


    What I don't understand is $50k and no cup holders?

  17. Steven Raith

    One million? :-0

    Christ. It's a 997 turbot ragtop for gods sake.

    Matt black doesn't suit the ragtops (GT3s look good in it) and it's a bloody automatic.

    Tragic. I'd rather have a 964RS with a full cage and a set of slicks, thanks....

    Steven R

  18. The Fuzzy Wotnot


    It looks like him and a mate have sprayed themselves in a lock-up down in Peckham! I reckon his kids could have done a better job of it!

    What a pile of tripe!

  19. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    matt black, blinged up tat

    997 RSR please...... Cheaper, quicker in the twisties, actually handles, equally impractical, and thankfully, bling free......

  20. Philip Cohen
    Thumb Down

    "It's just passed the million mark."

    "It's just passed the million mark."

    But are any of the bidders serious, or are they all idiots and/or shills?

    eBay/PayPal/Donahoe: Dead Men Walking.

  21. Mips
    Jobs Halo

    Yeh but....

    ... it's a US left hand drive model. So if you brought it to the UK it will cost you to get it converted.

    And you though £200k was cheap.

    1. IsJustabloke


      why would you have it converted? Just drive it left hand, its not complicated. I drive a LHD us import.

      Also, for those that care, converting it would ruin the cars history and bang goes your investment. which is surely the *only* reason anyone would buy this car.

  22. Mr Larrington


    Could someone please call the Style Police? I'm laughing too hard to pick up the phone.

  23. Anonymous Coward

    Well I actualy quite like it

    Looks distinctive but not garish unlike most custom cars. Then again I have never really suffered from the pathological petty jealousy displayed by most comentards.

  24. Mike Peachey


    Since when did random POS 911 Turbos get classified as supercars?!

  25. mark adrian bell


    So this blonde college student answers an add for part time work. She shows up at the house and the old guy there offers her $50 to paint his porch. She agrees and goes off with her big paint can and brush. The old guy's wife says, "That was a bit unfair. Our porch goes all the way around the house. It's a big job and you only offered her $50." He replies, "Well, I'm not forcing her to do it." A few minutes later the girl comes back and says, "OK, Mister, it's done, but I'm a bit confused. I'm pretty sure that's not a Porshe. I think it's a Ferrari."

  26. Haku

    murdered out? old hat

    The police cars in the original 1986 RoboCop film were painted flat black:

  27. Dr Patrick J R Harkin

    A remote CD changer?

    How wonderfully 20th century. Even Volvo have stopped offering that as an option.

  28. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Reason for selling.

    It's a matte black car in California, and with heated seats no less.

  29. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    thick shit...

    He really is a thick shit if it takes 50k to "black" it out.

    Even if I just gave a car to someone here and asked them to do that, you wouldn't really be asked for more than 10k, maybe a little more depending on if they actually powder coat the alloys or just buy others.

  30. Neil 38


    Looks like 23 appeared more times on that car than it did on the LA Galaxy pitch.

  31. Steve Evans


    I'm more used to seeing that style of finish on old motorbikes, where it is known as the "Rat bike" look... There are even prizes for the best "rat" at shows.

    Normally it's performed on an old knackered bike, and applied from a spray can. It's a bit of a joke... Looks like someone took it seriously in the car world. Oh well, I guess the car is German.

  32. andy gibson

    The listing describes a "thicker steering wheel"

    Presumably for a thicker steerer?

  33. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    $$ Efficient

    Awesome -$34.23/mile. Sounds as good as some of the "deals" the US government gets. Wonder if you can move a fully loaded aircraft carrier a mile for $34.23 :D

  34. Tom Simnett

    What happens after 9/11?

    "balance of factory warranty till 9/11"

    1. Cunningly Linguistic

      The US...

      ...becomes a fascist state?

  35. Cunningly Linguistic


    Looks like the original auction has been ended and the car relisted without Beckham's name being mentioned.

  36. Tim Elphick
    Paris Hilton

    Parking assist

    Ha ha!

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