back to article Amazon expands cloud services support

Amazon Web Services, the cloudy infrastructure-peddling arm of the online retailing giant, is expanding its support offerings with entry and higher-end options while at the same time chopping prices on existing support levels. AWS, of course, is the juggernaut of the cloud computing field right now, with its EC2 compute cloud …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
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    I do wonder how many customers of these services have bothered to work out a cost vs return function for these services. For anyone who has an interest in even medium level availability it does not look good.

  2. Anonymous Coward

    black level

    this will be where they ATTEMPT and FAIL to match Rackspace Support

    1. JaitcH

      Rackspace USA ( has terrible service today!

      I hope that today is not representative of Rackspace 'performance'.

      Even though I have InterNet feeds through HongKong and a direct one terminating in the Seattle area, as well as a selection of VPN's terminating in several diverse locations, Rackspace has problems - today.

      Better put more water on the string to improve transmission.

      1. sjs298

        Rackspace USA ( <- That's a ComCast, not Rackspace IP

        You sure your problems are at Rackspace? The IP you have mentioned is ComCast and I have no problem getting to my servers in the US and UK.



        1. Tempest

          I'm running IP mania ...

          and it shows Rackspace U.S.A.

          I'm located in Cambodia but use a VietNam owned 3G system. Traceroute showed Cambodia > HCMC > Ha Noi > Seattle which is the correct routing for all U.S. url's.

          1. sjs298

            No idea what IP Mania is, I use the DNS system to get the info


            Comcast IP Services, L.L.C. CABLE-1 (NET-73-0-0-0-1) -

            Comcast IP Services, L.L.C. MEMPHIS-CDM-6 (NET-73-3-128-0-1) -



  3. Andy Barker

    Named Contacts

    According to the Amazon site, Named Contacts are people at the customer's end of the equation and not at Amazon's end.

    "Your Named Contacts

    Add names to your company's account so that more people can contact us...instead of asking their questions through you."

    So the 1, 2, 4, unlimited figures you quote seem to be how many people at your company that can contact their support department.

  4. fissuria
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    Useless support

    Been using Silver support for quite some months now and can say that it's pretty useless. No help was given ever and when facing problems we usually get a "the host is working as expected, so it must be a problem in your configuration".

    We're actually thinking giving up on the support and save ourselves a couple hundred of dollars per month.

  5. Ken Hagan Gold badge

    Platinum membership?

    Doesn't El Reg have a patent on that?

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