back to article IBM strikes panglossian license deal with Voltaire

Maybe IBM should just stop fooling around and buy Mellanox Technologies already. Ahead of its own acquisition by InfiniBand and Fibre Channel networking specialist Mellanox, InfiniBand switch rival and Ethernet switch wannabe Voltaire has inked a licensing and development agreement with Big Blue. Voltaire was cagey about …


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  1. Matt 21

    Nice reference to Candide

    Shame you didn't follow it up in the article, not even a vague "best of all worlds"?

  2. John Doe 1
    Thumb Up

    I have to say...

    I quite admire the thesaurus used to assist in the writing of this article. Panglossian? Well done, sir! :-)

    (Oh and the article's content was interesting and informative as well.)

This topic is closed for new posts.

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