back to article Blighty Yahoo! workers could see jobs go overseas in 2011

UK-based Yahoo! workers face a tough 2011, with the company undergoing a consultation process about job cuts in the products wing of the flailing web portal’s business. The Register understands that 77 jobs in the UK are up for the chop as part of the 600 worldwide employee cull Yahoo! announced yesterday. However, Yahoo! has …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    There is something wrong with Britain

    Some years ago, I'd just have pinned this as being another company trading skilled UK staff for cheaper Indian staff who were untrained and were impossible to communicate with. The companies didn't care about customer service.

    Today, however, it is a different thing entirely. The youth in India really have the inventive bit between their teeth, are turning out some great inventions and the environment is there for them to do it.

    Contrast that to a good portion of todays UK youth who think that the world owes them a living and you can see why. I also hold gold plating as one of the factors behind this; I'm not saying that we mimick the Chinese and have our workers subjected to neurotoxins while afixing logos to products, but for companies to work here, we are too far in the other direction.

    I'm not saying that the youth themselves are to blame, nor the education system ... the finger can't be pointed at any one quarter, but there are times when we allow the individual, or small groups, to enjoy preference over the nation as a whole and things get out of hand.

    I'm not saying that I've got the solution either. I'm just a lowly grease monkey. But I do have ideas about things, then I look in to what it would take for me to protect those ideas, what it would take for me to develop them and bring them to market ... and I think .. f**k that. No wonder we're dominated by the big corporations, because the little guy hasn't got the power to do anything any more. The corporates can take the products, use their financial power to make them cheaper and bring them to market. Even by the time a court case is won, it's too late because the undercutting has put the small guy out of business.

    ...and the rest of society is content to complain bittery about the rip off in supermarket prices, the obscene profits that these companies are making off our backs ... and then trundle in to Tesco to do the weekly shop.

    I don't like UK jobs going abroad, but we have to look at what is wrong with this country first.

    Mine is the one with the birth certificate in teh pocket that says, "Mother: Dolly sheep. Father: Unknown, absent ram." Baaaa.....

  2. Anonymous Coward

    Jobs overseas

    I'm starting to believe that I should move overseas. I've already spent a year of my life looking for a new job and yes my resume is at Yahoo too. Yahoo would like to move jobs overseas when our economy is still in the Sh*tter and not recovering. Do they care about US employment? No. How could they think of moving jobs overseas and still have the audacity to write about the economy. Oh yes it effects them! I don't care about their profits and how this is a good idea. It's not. How else should people like myself get a job when jobs keep moving overseas for lower salaries? I'm a good customer service rep and a damn good Admin but this is stupid. Moving overseas. It has a major effect on this economy and if they don't see it with their own eyes......Look at Silicon valley already? It didn't work when the dotcom busted yet they still believe it did. Silicon valley is still in the Sh*tter from the last time they played this game. Yahoo I'm very disappointed in you.

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