back to article Mozilla showers Firefox, Thunderbird with updates

Mozilla has released several updates for its Firefox web browser and the open-source outfit's Thunderbird news and email client. A total of 67 security and stability flaws, including 21 critical vulns and one blocker bug have been fixed in Firefox 3.6.13. An update for Mozilla's aged Firefox 3.5.16 was additionally released. …


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  1. MontyMole


    Did you see how many font bugs the OTS font sanitizing library fixes on the OSX version. (See blocks section on

  2. David Robinson 1

    Place your bets...

    ...on when the first commentard will bitch about Firefox security updates and how they're off to use IE/Chrome/Opera/Safari.

    1. Notas Badoff

      They're busy...

      over in the mob raging against Wikileaks/Assange/Manning/LOIC, and wanting immediate execution of "dissenters". Whether there is any meaningful sociological/psychological linkage is up to the observer.

  3. Avalanche

    Hmmm, curious fix ;)

    I wonder if updating is such a good idea with fixes like this:

    "Several fixes to improve corruption in local copy of IMAP mailboxes."

    Yes, new Thunderbird, now with improved corruption of your mailbox.... When do people learn to either note the bug fix *or* the improvement; not a combination of both.

  4. blackworx


    Do any of the fixes make Thunderbird into the half-decent email client it used to be?

    1. HMB

      Hear hear!

      I heard the Thunderbird development team gave up and started using Outlook because Thunderbird is just far too ugly to look at in Windows 7 :P

      I use Thunderbird and it's so ugly I have to put a paper bag over my head and one over the monitor, just in case.

      I came close to using Opera's mail functionality but the fact that it will not work except in tabs and that it doesn't let you create tables in emails was just too much of a downgrade. The filters in opera are just fantastic and quite inspired, but it mystifies me as to why Opera seems to randomly create messy filters. If you delete these, they even come back by themselves!

  5. Darryl

    That's it

    Damn Firefox security updates

    I'm off to use IE/Chrome/Opera/Safari.

    1. Radelix

      I second that motion

      I as well am tired of those damn Firefox security updates

      I'm off to use IE/Chrome/Opera/Safari.

    2. HMB

      I know that's a joke but..

      On a serious level, at least IE9 and Chome have security sandboxing and process isolation.

  6. Tom 7 Silver badge

    Damn firefox security updates

    I'm using firefox on the machine I haven't updated it on in the hope I can work out how to get it working again on the two machines I have updated it on.

  7. James Woods

    utter garbage

    I run a single proc 500MHZ with 512 mb of ram. I meet the requirements for both thunderbird and firefox. They both freeze the computer for a moment when launching.

    I'll admit I probably have 10k emails stuck in thunderbird but I haven't found a safe way to easily archive them for later retrieval.

    Firefox nominally eats up about 200Mb of ram just sitting there with nothing loaded.

    I've switched to using K-Meleon, it's mozilla based but it's not a resource hog.

    K-Meleon has problems with youtube videos since almost everytime you try to watch one it says theres an error however I think that's all intentional to get you to use firefox/chrome.

    These updates are un-called for, especially the security ones. That 'container' firefox launched has done nothing for me. Now when firefox is going to freeze instead of firefox eating all my cpu the container does so the computer is still frozen with firefox, it's just the container this time.

    It's never killed anything that was going to loop so I have no idea what the purpose of that thing is.

  8. mhenriday

    Can't wait for 4.0 to be released -

    from what I can determine from the nightly builds, it should be a doozy !...


  9. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    Hammer in hand....

    Honestly - after all the WUNDER-full updates and every-fink, as my olde laptop began another "bog down and sink up to it's roof top" fiasco again....

    I honestly really truly stood there with my big engineers ball pien hammer in hand - looking down at the laptop and thought,"I'll fucking smash you"....

    I like the Firefox interface and some of the add on's... but these memory leaks and really astronomical amounts of RAM being used, along with the disk cache thrashing....

    I mean remember I use Linux - and this is the ONLY program that BOG's it down.....

    I thought... " I am not going to let the makers of some particularly buggy software, influence me as to the decision I make on the termination of my laptops life", and I also did not have an extra $500 handy for a new one...

    For a company that gets $80 million in profit from Advertising revenue, and who has been running leaky dodgy browser for so long....

    And the self appointed "Gravey train for life" foundation members....

    Not interested in them, their bullshit or their buggy software any more.

  10. Deadly_NZ

    500mhz??? 512 mb ram?????

    And you wonder why it freezes.... try running a decent computer then you can moan about freezes but with the POS you are running it's a wonder win98 don't make it freeze

    Bloody moaner uses crap and blames the software writers for his problems

    and if you do not know how to back up your e-mail in Mozilla then maybe you should follow these few simple instructions

    1 shut down your computer

    2 unplug all the wires

    3 throw the whole lot in the garbage.

    then maybe we will not have to listen to your moaning when you cant see a web page or get your e-mail

  11. Leeroy Silver badge

    This is a title, There are many llike it but this one in mine.

    The Beta of Firefox is worth trying and a lot better than the current stable release.

    I also use Thunderbird with the Google calendar and contact add ons to sync everything with my other devices. Over 5000 emails in local folders and 200 - 300 in IMAP folders without any performance issues at all.

    I dont understand what everyone is complaining about.

  12. CmdrX3

    Updates are good

    Unfortunately every time they released an update half my plugins and themes stopped working which meant waiting for those updates (if they ever came) as well. I just got fed up with it, although I still miss some of the plugins.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      It's not his title. It's mine.

      Probably more to do with which extensions we're talking about, but for a few years now when ever mine have stopped working I've edited the max version in the install.rdf (using 7zip) and said extension has resumed working just like it always did.

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