back to article BlackBerry to Indian gov: Ban us, you have to ban Skype too

RIM reckons it has convinced the Indian government that it can't intercept customer data, and that if it gets banned it's going to take everyone else down with it. RIM's latest statement on the ongoing dispute with the Indian government is the most detailed yet, but still not very detailed. The company reckons it's working …


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  1. JaitcH

    RIM might be smart to develop a Enterprise Server with a back ...

    door because with the number of governments wanting to read their citizens mail is increasing monthly.

    How about running a hacking competition to see who can break with a prize of $100,000?

  2. Dex


    just tell the governments to stop being nosey barstewarded and get forked!

    If governments cant be open and transparent about thier dealings then why the hell should RIM?

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Where's the Canadian Gov?

    There's got to be a trade war started over this! Countries banning the Blackberry should expect some sort of trade retaliation. Except that the Canadian Gov seems spineless on the International front, but plenty willing to slap down Canadians, so, no retaliation is my guess.

  4. kain preacher Silver badge


    Give them what they want. Special RIM software that has a back door in it. After a week release it to the world. Then say hey you can't keep a back door secret for long.

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