back to article DDoS attack, sex warrant won't stop Assange's leaky discharge

The main Wikileaks site hosting US diplomatic cables has been downed, again, by an apparent denial of service attack. Various Wikileak mirror sites are available and the "revelations" continue to dominate the news. According to Wikileaks's Twitter feed the attack peaked at over 10 gigabits a second - about three times greater …


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  1. Code Monkey

    "Assange's leaky discharge"

    My headline fragment of the week. Have a pretendy pint on me!

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      A nicer way of saying...

      Diarrhea of the mouth. Which is a result of having his head up his Assange.

    2. Shannon Jacobs
      Big Brother

      Real problems of secrecy

      Has anyone yet analyzed how much of this tripe never should have been classified in the first place?

      Given that this entire leak was apparently the work of one amateur working on his own, has anyone considered how much information has been stolen by the professional spies working with the support of their various governments?

      Has anyone considered the anti-free-speech implications of the highly personalized and vindictive witch hunt against the publisher in this case?

      Inquiring minds want to know, but not in America, thank you.

      1. Peter Jones 2

        RE: real problems of secrecy

        It seems you are saying that only the most damaging secrets should be classified. But what would happen then?

        If there is a chance of communications being intercepted, best practice is to encrypt everything, so that an attacker doesn't know what to target. It appears that this has been taken to heart. Office gossip, bad-mouthing and the like might be embarrassing, but there is nothing truly revelatory here. And that might just be the point.

  2. Andy Shaw
    Thumb Up

    But what does she mean?


    Clearly she's a closet liberal.

  3. Znort666

    Bin Laden and Assange are in cahoots...

    and no Ms Palin, that is not a real place, so dont head there first in your "hunt".

    Maybe the person you should find is the person that leaked the documents in the first place. Its not as if you find Assange that Wikileaks will crumble in his absence. People will still leak the documents...

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Are they idiots

    Do the 'powers' believe that arresting this Assange guy and throwing him in prison for their own personal revenge will make the slightest bit of difference to the site ?

    I think it will just result in a change of management, maybe the next general manager who comes along won't be so media friendly and will just release everything they have in one simple large and widely distributed torrent file.

    If I was Assange I would have distributed an encrypted file already via bittorrent and then issue the password to access it at my leisure, once everyone has already downloaded it. Many thousands of people would download it in advance of getting the key.

    I would suggest a simple truecrypt volume for the contents of the torrent.

    I've seen many calls from Americans saying Assange should be arrested for 'treason', what a laugh. You can only be treasonous against your own country.

  5. Blofeld's Cat


    I notice the first three tags for this article are: "Arrest Warrant" "Pope" "Sex Crimes". Now that would really be an interesting Revelation.

    Probably authored by John the Divine rather that John Oates though.

  6. min

    brilliant headline.

    that Palin's gettin a little stale in here.

    she ought to wade right out of this one.

    1. Titus Technophobe
      Thumb Down

      Prison is the best place for him.

      Wikileaks and Assange have released documents that compromise the safety of the various forces working in the Middle East, and Afghanistan. I would think that Assange could be charged for treason by Australia.

      1. The BigYin


        No need to charge him. The USA can demand his extradition from the UK if he is here (there seems to be no way to block that, ask McKinnon) and if hat does fail, the USA can just grab him from anywhere they see fit, take him to some island and torture the hell out of him (the USA has form for that too).

        I don't see the latest set of leaks putting any lives at risk, nor do I see them being particularly interesting. And whilst I totally agree that some things should be kept secret, I really would appreciate it if politicians would stop spouting bull-crap all the time*; then there would be no need for a sites like WikiLeaks.

        Until that happens, roll on the next leak. Just chill the PR assault a big, mm-kay?

        *Although it is amusing when one catches the buggers out.

      2. ttuk


        aside from possibly fuelling anti american feeling please provide a link to information that had been made available in the current link that directly endagers the lives of someone.

        From what I am aware the newspapers releasing the information have worked with wikileaks to ensure that no specifics identifying names / locations etc. have been released as part of the publicly available material.

      3. alain williams Silver badge

        Safety of people working in the midde east ...

        Wikileaks appear to have redacted information that could compromise personal security, see:

        Don't believe everything that Hilary Clinton & friends say.

      4. Chezstar

        If I was Assange...

        I would definitely try to get charged for Treason in Australia.

        Think about it, you get what, 2 months in the slammer (Go Australian sentencing standards!), halved because you are a white collar kind of guy, and your lawyer asked nicely, then you get protected from extradition by the government because you had served your time here, and the other country might have a harsher sentence (It has a precedence!).

        Bob's your uncle, scott free, living large in Australia, nice one!

        Mines the one with the arrest warrant in the pocket!

    2. Tigra 07 Silver badge
      Thumb Up

      RE: Blofeld's Cat

      Very well spotted!

    3. Sir Runcible Spoon Silver badge


      "If I was Assange I would have distributed an encrypted file already"

      I was under the impression he had already done this*, under the heading 'insurance policy'.

      *Citation required, I can't remember where I read this, prolly here somewhere :)

      1. Titus Technophobe


        These are classified documents, they are classified because their release could cause harm to the state, and or individuals therein. Whilst the newspapers may have redacted information the documents should not have been made available in a public forum.

        1. Anonymous Coward

          Don't be so naive

          That's true for more classifed material as we've seen before you can classify anything instantly in the name of "national security" including the world's government's dirty laundry, embarrassing secrets and war crimes

        2. ttuk

          "These are classified documents"

          Regardless of wether or not they should have been released no one has presented any evidence to support the idea that the information released endangers lives.

          Yes the information is classified, and the reason it is classified is obvious, because it causes embarrasments to the governments of the states involved. How what has been published could be used to endanger individuals has not been made clear by anyone..

          If you could point to a line in the documents that says "xxxx xxxx is an undercover counter terrorist agent of ours" (or similar) without the xxxxs then I would revert to your point of view

        3. Graham Marsden
          Thumb Down

          "These are classified documents...

          "...they are classified because their release could cause harm to the state, and or individuals therein."

          I've heard it said (although I can't find a cite at the moment) that the menus for the meals served at Number 10 used to be Classified as "Secret"!

          The Yanks are more worried because the release of these documents could cause harm to the careers of individuals in their Government.

        4. 42

          Your'e kidding right

          I applaud the shining of lights in the dark places where govenment lies are revealed.

          As an Aussie, I am proud of what he has done. Tehre are no legal grounds for him to be charged in Aus.

    4. Shannon Jacobs

      Bigger issues in play

      They don't really care about Assange. They just want to intimidate publishers while continuing to classify ridiculous amounts of ridiculous information. Based on what I've heard so far, I'd estimate that less that about 1% of the stuff is embarrassing, 1% of that (as in 0.01%) was worth secret classification of more than a year or so, and about 1% of that (as in 0.0001%) really should have been classified for the national interest.

      At least in the reports I've heard so far, the strongest case was the bit where a government gave us tacit approval for a raid against Al Qaeda. However, I think even that case might be debatable. Depends on whether or not we were able to make the raid in a way that looked plausible, which I really doubt. The very fact that there was a tacit approval already shows that we were already suspected. I'd even bet that we would have raided without the tacit approval--and it wouldn't have made any difference anyway. The important aspect of the raid was whether or not we nailed the targets, and all of the finger pointing about who actually did what and when is not so important...

      Loss of trust in the American government? That horse left the barn a LONG time ago.

      1. The BigYin

        It's like wathcing kids...

        ...Pal A says to Pal B that think this Pal C is a butt-monkey.

        Pal A gets all upset when Pal B tells Pal C that they think they are a butt-monkey.

        Basic, infantile, playground politics. And the answer is very simple.

        Pal A should either not be pals with C at all, or keep their friggin' trap shut!

  7. epocalypse

    Red Notice

    Interpol have NOT issued an arrest warrant for Assange. They have posted a Red Notice which requires information about his whereabouts.

  8. Mark McNeill

    A new game to play with any news item

    "What dumb knee-jerk response is Sarah Palin going to make to it?"

  9. blackworx
    Paris Hilton


    She means: 'MERICA, FUCK YEAH! (Except without the fuck, as that word belongs squarely to filthy pinko commie socialist terrorist enemies of freedom like Assange.)

  10. Danny 2 Silver badge

    A monster of depravity

    It's not just Palin, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Peter King, the ranking Republican Congressman on Homeland Security have also stated Assange is a terrorist. For senior US politicians to cry terrorism is hopefully self-defeating as more people will start to question their 'War On Terrorism'. The only sense came from Robert Gates who basically said 'everyone hates us and we don 't care'.

    Assange was a bit naive to act as the lightening conductor for the releases +and+ still have a normal social life. If he is just outside London then he'll soon be blamed for the student protests and the snow.

    1. CADmonkey

      'everyone hates us and we don 't care'?

      Rob Gates is a Millwall fan?

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward



    2. Alpha Tony

      Quote from last week's simpsons:

      'You do realise that any time I don't get what I want, the terrorists win?'

      About says it all really.

    3. Bilgepipe

      Red Notice

      So why has the screenshot got "Arrest Warrant Issued By" clearly printed on it? They either issued one or they didn't.

      1. Anonymous Coward


        If you'd bothered to read it fully instead of spouting bilge, you'd know who issued a warrant and who didn't.

        Sweden issued a warrant.

        Interpol didn't.

        1. Scorchio!!


          Stepping back for a moment, I find myself asking why this fool put himself in the position where someone could make these allegations possible. Did he not consider the possibility that use of his todger could put him in trouble? Did he honestly believe that he would not be public enemy number one after throwing large quantities of merde into the public domain?

          This story is not over, and there are many turns in the road ahead. I've ordered a lot of popcorn.

          1. Anonymous Coward
            Anonymous Coward

            And you...

            ...have you considered the possibility that somebody may have been pressured into making the allegations?

            Did you think he would have been safe from the Merkins on a planet without women?

            1. Scorchio!!

              Ding, wrong

              You failed miserably; he has already said that he had *consensual sex* with these women.

              So, the question remains, did he honestly think that he could do so without being smeared.

              Try reading my original remarks and you will see this was my original question. Sheesh.

            2. Scorchio!!

              Like I said

              It's getting warm now. Very warm. I expect to see results within a month.

            3. Scorchio!!

              Neatly summarised


    4. MrCheese

      A scary, scary game

      It'd be far more fun and much less harrowing were just an airheaded celebrity rather than a canditate for the presidency!

      They'll let just about anyone do that job now!

  11. Queeg

    Answers Below...

    No-one knows what Sarah Palin means,not even Sarah Palin.

    She has the IQ of a suet dumpling.

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    ...I knew where Assange was, would wikileaks leak it?

  13. Uncle Slacky Silver badge

    But are bears...

    ...Catholic? Inquiring minds and all that...

    1. N2 Silver badge

      I would prefer it

      If you did not insult the intelligence of a suet dumpling, thank you.

    2. alain williams Silver badge

      Would they leak his location ?

      The answer could well be 'yes', but only after the leak would not compromise his security. This is exactly the approach that they have with army/... operational issues: they hold back on current issues/actions so that personnel security is not compromised.

    3. MJI Silver badge

      A suet dumpling downvoted you

      Who else could it be?

    4. Scorchio!!

      Once a paranoid

      always a paranoid. Our Julian was always not too tightly wrapped, it would seem:

      So, anyone for bounty hunting in the snow? This could make Hollywood. Closing scene, claret spread across a snowy landscape, Santa stood astride a dead Assange, big grin on his face... wait, what's that you say? Santa's a woman called Palin? A gift of lead for him? ;-)

  14. rickyjames

    Oh Sarah...

    Sarah Palin is becoming a marketable pundit over here in the US and is starting to weigh in on every topic that comes along. I'm amazed she apparently realizes that Assange is Australian and therefore outside US law. (At least I think he is. Seems like there has been some cases in the Bush admin where they argued that acts on foreign soil were under American jurisdiction, which sounds nutty to me, but then I'm not a lawyer. Thank God.)

    You Brits are truly missing a treat with Sarah's show on our TLC channel, "Sarah Palen's Alaska". Beautiful scenery, with every scene showing the multiple reasons why putting this woman in the White House for four years, let alone eight, would be a very bad idea. She needs to be focused on special needs baby and daughters, where she will do an excellent job as a loving hockey mom.

    1. Anton Ivanov

      Act on foreign soil by American cittisens are US jurisdiction

      As per current USA legal doctrine acts by American citizens on foreign soil are subject to American jurisdiction. Also, as per same doctrine US law has absolute supremacy over anything and everything.

      This has been discussed in great detail around Bush administration reaction to the International Crime court. Just Google it.

      1. Scorchio!!


        Apparently Saddam had a similar view, and tried to burn a Bush:

  15. Ian Ferguson

    "Hunted down like Bin Laden"

    Invade Sweden and/or Australia, naturally.

    1. Gav

      Scandanavians are all alike, anyway

      Invading Sweden would be too much like addressing the problem. Normal procedure is to invade a country nearby, in the hope that the voters' general ignorance of geography confuses the two adequately.

      Those in Finland should be getting nervous.

      Linux Penguin, because even the Antarctic is similar enough for some.

    2. Ken 16 Silver badge
      Black Helicopters


      that sounds like a job for the Nordic Battlegroup complete with horns on helmets (and lions)

      1. zorrodp

        Up Yours Delors

        Now that will 'shock and awe' :-)

    3. Goat Jam

      Invading Australia

      is totally unnecessary.

      Our government (both sides) are _more_ than willing to kowtow to the demands of the American junta at a moments notice.

      They are already suggesting that they are looking for something to hang Assange on, despite the fact that none of his recent activities have been perpetrated in Australia at all.

      In fact almost none of them even mentions Australia at all.

      So, why the outrage AusGov? Oh that's right, we have to crush the political freedoms of our own people to show solidarity with the Amerikan New World Order.

      Right, got it.

  16. Will Godfrey Silver badge

    Just had a thought

    Well, it happens occasionally :)

    While the people (supposedly) in control are busy doing a character assassination on the guy, aren't they taking their eye off the ball rather? Have they forgotten that there are others involved in Wikileaks?

    I have no doubt that these 'others' are busily spreading all this stuff as far as possible right across the net - where other 'terry-wrist'(tm) organisations are storing it all up for future dissemination.

    Joke alert cos this whole thing is a bit of a larf.

  17. Danny 2 Silver badge

    @CADmonkey - Gates comment

    "I've heard the impact of these releases on our foriegn policy as a meltdown, as a game-changer and so on. I think those descriptions are significantly over-wrought. The fact is governments deal with the United States because it's in their interest. Not because they like us, not because they trust us, and not because they believe we can keep secrets. Some governments deal with us because they fear us, some because they respect us, most because they need us" - Robert Gates

    Which is an arrogant but relatively accurate summary free of the hysterical hyperbole of Clinton and Palin. It also explains why the Iraq Inquiry was nobbled to protect US interests, as revealed by the leak.

  18. Dave Murray


    She meant to say "hunted down and clubbed like a baby seal."

  19. JohnG Silver badge

    Bin Laden hunt not successful

    Palin should have picked a better example of a manhunt, as Bin Laden has not been caught after ten years of hunting.

    Assange may have less to worry about from the USA or Sweden than from countries in the Middle East or Central Asia, where the concept of free speech is unfamiliar and people with wealth and power do not tolerate criticism.

  20. Goatan

    Best Palin putdown ever

    "Sarah Palin meanwhile called for Assange to be "hunted down like bin Laden" - we're assuming she doesn't mean hunted unsuccessfully at the expense of tens of thousands of lives and billions of dollars"

    You owe me a new sandwhich and keyboard HAHAHAHA!

    1. Andrew Norris
      Paris Hilton

      Palin, Paris: Pot, Kettle

      Perhaps we can get a Palin picture to complement the Paris one? Or even a new paper airplane?!

      Paper Airplane Launched in Near-earth-orbit maybe?

  21. Jon Press

    I think she means...

    ... hunted down like Harry Whittington (

    Something over which her friends have more control.

    Or possibly a caribou:

    She just has to persuade Assange to put on antlers and travel to Alaska. The offer of a quick shag should probably do it.

    1. Anonymous Coward

      A quick shag?

      You really think he would be interested in shagging her? Or were you implying that he's interested in cormorants or carpets?

      1. ratfox Silver badge
        Paris Hilton

        I think not

        He's probably sworn off sex for the next few years, unless the partner first signs two contracts and an affidavit.

        Even if it's PH.

  22. Sarev
    Thumb Down

    "Billions of dollars"

    I think you meant "trillions of dollars"

  23. NoneSuch

    Ms. Palin

    Well, if Palin were to hunt for Assange in the same manner as Bin Ladin she would receive firm intel he was in London and then unleash multiple Predator drone Hellfire missile strikes in downtown Stockholm killing 30 civilians at a wedding.

  24. Anonymous Coward

    ..thousands of lives...

    >at the expense of tens of thousands of lives and billions of dollars

    I'd add another zero or two to that figure. Reports from last year put the Iraqi civilian death toll at over 500,000 since the invasion.

  25. markfiend

    Publishing information...

    ...embarrassing to the US government makes someone a terrorist now?

    Well actually I see the point. The truth about the US govt's activities does inspire terror.

  26. Juan Inamillion
    Thumb Up

    @Ms. Palin

    New keyboard required!!

  27. Rogerborg

    Assange, Assange, Assange

    Notice how the press - including ElReg - doesn't give a stuff about what Wikileaks is actually publishing any more - it's all about Assange now.

    If he had an ounce of sense, or cared about Wikileaks and its mission, he'd go and hide in a cave with his hero, bin Laden.

  28. Anonymous Coward

    Nobody ever knows what Palin means.

    If she had the slightest idea what she was saying, she wouldn't say it.

    1. foo_bar_baz
      Thumb Down

      Is that the latest in rhetorical putdowns?

      "He's a commie"

      "He's a terrorist"

      "bin Laden is his hero"

      OK, we can now ignore everything he says/does. Everything a commie/terrorist/bin Laden fan says is a lie and everything he does is wrong.

      Thanks for showing us the Truth.

      1. Intractable Potsherd Silver badge

        I'm beginning to wonder ...

        ... if "Titus Technophobe" and Rogerborg" are the same person, or different people from identical backgrounds. Whichever, they keep the threads going nicely.

    2. captain veg

      Is it just me

      Doesn't Hillary look more and more like Assange? Have they ever been seen in the same room?


    3. Scorchio!!
      Big Brother


      What's the bets that bin Laden would make him wear a Burkha? ;-)

    4. Rex Alfie Lee

      Rogerborg, would be an extreme conservative...

      ...perhaps really he's a commie or connie, perhaps Connie Francis or just a complete idiot. Perhaps he's a redneck extremist who believes in what his country does external to the good old US of A. He doesn't realise that those outside the USA who basically understand what America has done for(to) everyone else, know that America deserves this completely...

  29. Anonymous Coward

    These are classified documents

    @ttuk: These are classified documents, they are classified because their release could cause harm to the state, and or individuals therein ..

    Then what were they doing on a system that anyone could walk in off the street and copy them to DVD ?

  30. Anonymous Coward

    Next up

    Bank of America.

    <- looks forward to warming hands by fire.

  31. ElReg!comments!Pierre Silver badge

    But what does she mean?

    It doesn't make sense because she forgot the other half of the sentence. What she meant was "hunted down like bin Laden by our North Corean allies." quite obviously.

  32. RollinPowell

    No more Palin!

    Greatest idea for an app ever: Palin Control! It's like Parental Control but it filters out anything Palin instead of violence or tits! If someone develops it I'll buy one for my computer, my phone, and my TV. Can someone develop this with the quickness please? Every time I see her or hear her I can feel my brain start to atrophy..... Please random internet developers, you're my only hope.

  33. Bleepme
    Paris Hilton

    "Pope caught short during forest ramble"

    Does this mean that all bears are Catholic? Wikileaks should tell us. What are they hiding?

    --Paris, cos I work there.

  34. Ascylto
    Big Brother


    Let's face it ... after The Shrub II and Ronnie Reagan, Palin stands a REAL chance of becoming the US President.

  35. Stevie Silver badge


    The only thing that continues to flabber my ghast regarding the Palin woman is how much of the country is still in love with the vacuous idiot.

    Her time as governor of Alaska is cited as proof of her fitness to command, yet when the bills for her previous largess came due *mid-term* and the going got tough she got going and quit. No-one is calling her Palin the Quitter in he press, but my question is "why not?"

    She is used as an example of the down-home, earthy type we need more of in politics, but it was just such a type that ran the country onto the rocks with both engines at "All Ahead Full" while remaining visibly clueless as to the danger. Can we really afford to make this same mistake again? Can the country really afford to open its coffers one more time to the in-crowd for a personal looting? At what point do these people feel enough shame or get enough sense of the real consequences of their actions to control their urge for the free greenbacks?

    And she's still the darling of Fox News despite the fact that just about every time they ask her to speak she derails their message with some clueless inanity that puts her lack of political savvy up front and center. The latest: Last week she said on camera that President Obama should stop being such a wuss and go after those communists in South Korea.

    Which I admit was not as classic as deriding President Obama for using a teleprompter and then glancing at the notes written on her hand for why that was bad, but anyone who wants into the White House ought to have *some* grasp of where on the big Map O The World the pinkoes hang out.

    Gordon Effing Bennet.

    1. Rex Alfie Lee

      Loved it....

      This woman is as redneck as a redneck can be without actually knowing what a redneck is which kind of confirms the redneck-icity. I'm Australian & we shake in terror of the possibility of her taking over the reins from anyone. We've already seen what George Dubbya can do to screw things up but I'm fairly sure that Palin is more stupid than even George...

  36. FozzyBear Silver badge

    The title is required, and must contain letters and/or digits.

    "Titus Technophobe" and Rogerborg" without a couple of nice little trolls stoking the fire Commentary on this and other wikileaks related articles would be a boring read indead

  37. Jim Birch

    Goddam atheist liberals

    Invade somewhere that Assange isn't, trash the country, kill 100,000 people, blow a trillion dollars and blame it on goddam atheist liberals and homosexuals. And, nearly forgot, bring on GFC II.

  38. ian 22

    Interesting for what is missing.

    Nothing in these messages indicate malfeasance, underhandedness, betrayal, or anything contradicting most news reports on the part of the US.

    And mostly gossip it seems.

  39. s jackson

    Mr Reality





  40. Anonymous Coward
    Black Helicopters

    how much would they pay...

    ...if I told them where he is ?

    Hope he makes it to Equator.

  41. zorrodp

    Palinista or Palinite?

    A friend comments to me:

    He's a foreigner who has stirred up criticism of US government policy, without bothering to understand its problems, therefore he has only himself to blame if he is executed out of hand; Palin on the other hand is a citizen who has stirred up criticism of US government policy, without bothering to understand its problems, therefore she should be in charge of it.

  42. Rex Alfie Lee

    Sarah Palin is a tool & should be ignored like George Dubbya...

    The good old US of A deserves everything that comes out of this & to blame someone who gets it out in the open - SUCKED IN....

  43. Dave 15

    the guy is going to be silenced

    And that is NOT a good thing.

    Democracies, freedom of expression, freedom of speech, freedom in general.... America, Britain, Australia, Sweden, Switzerland... this guy let out a few interesting snippets showing the back stabbing lies and suddenly he is rendered pennyless (frozen bank accounts), a sex attacker (yeah yeah, timing was very conincidental), arrested....

  44. This post has been deleted by its author

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