back to article Wikileaks exposes Clinton's cyberspy wish-list

Hillary Clinton asked US diplomats to gather the passwords and encryption keys of top United Nations officials, as well as details of the private networks they use to communicate. In one of the most controversial of the first batch of embassy cables released by Wikileaks, she sought information that would be useful for cyber- …


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  1. John G Imrie

    Clintons list.

    The first four points in that list look like the information any bureaucrat would want in order to get a handle on the power levers. Most of it would probably be in the public domain, or at least widely available to the members and staff of the UN.

  2. Turtle

    Time's Up!

    Okay, as long as Wikileaks is acting as an intelligence organization, conducting espionage against the United States on behalf of any foreign government, I am even more desirous of seeing them killed. Sadly, that probably won't happen.

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      1. Ted Treen
        Big Brother


        ...have you omitted Anthony Charles Lynton Blair and Alistair Campbell from the list of Nuremberg attendees?

        Let's be consistent.

  3. Ian Michael Gumby Silver badge

    Ass-n-age will have blood on his hands...

    The problem with Wikileaks is that they lack the discretion and ability to put the information they have in to perspective. Kudo for El Reg in their attempt to do just that.

    Having information and not being able to understand what is meant is a dangerous thing and allows for FUD and individuals to jump to erroneous conclusions.

    This is why Ass-n-age is a danger to everyone.

    There are some things that should not be exposed out of context and Ass-n-age is out to make a name for himself. Unfortunately unlike those who exposed Watergate, he has no integrity.

  4. Schultz
    Gates Halo


    Nice to see some dirty laundry! With all the polished faces and thoroughly staged politics on TV, the democratic systems started to look like a soap opera sponsored by Tide or Ariel. Before we vote for the crooks and heroes, we should know what the knackers look like after a tough day of work.

    ... no need to know ... move on ... not your business ... he is a saint ...

    1. Ian Michael Gumby Silver badge


      Suppose I leaked out a copy of a memo from your secretary to you that you need to call your doctor, your test results came back positive.

      Now while we don't know which test results came back, or positive for what... I really don't think you want the world to know, let alone the cute hot receptionist on the floor. I mean... what sort of conclusions could she come to when she hears about that leaked memo.

      And that's exactly my point.

      Its not a question about Democracy in action, but that taken out of context, private memos and communication between governments can be misleading.

      If you think of politics in simple terms, I've got a bridge in Brooklyn that I want to sell you.

      You could easily make a fortune on tolls.... ;-)

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "National HUMINT Collection Directive"?

    The laundry list reads like "anything we can get to try and track them through electronic means", ie, this INT is not very HUM at all. Which in turn is no surprise. HUMINT is icky dirty and far too human for American taste. A shiny digital terminal showing grainy pictures sent via satlink from a drone in far-away-istan is as up close and personal as the INT types like to get. Would it be impudent to point out that the last sixty or so years are rife with intelligence failures, especially those hinging on the americans forgetting that other people don't necessarily share their cult of the free and the brave and demercrazy for all?

  6. Neal 5


    Hellooo Mr Clinton.

  7. John Smith 19 Gold badge


    Diplomacy is

    "This is our position on this issue. We wish you to get the representatives of these powers to see our POV, find out who disagrees with our POV and do your best convert those sitting on the fence into people who agree without POV"

    Intelligence is

    "'Copy or steal any information that will enable us to identify their comms links so we can a)monitor all of them and b)insert our own fakes for disinformation as and when necessary.

    Learn the F£$king difference.

  8. John Sanders

    I said it all before

    Asange is a "useful idiot", one way or another.

    Please choose:

    1) He'll end being a victim of his own ego.

    2) He'll be used as a puppet.

    1. Eddy Ito Silver badge

      But, but, but...

      Can't we choose "all of the above"?

  9. georgia_jim

    Only in FREE societies

    This sort of thing would never have occured in the open and peace loving countries of China, Cuba, North Korea, or Venezuela much less any of the former USSR . Come on guys show some guts, try a little wikileaks on any of the organized crime familes thoughout the world....

    1. Ed Deckard


      "Wikileaks could only operate in freedom-loving countries such as mine, thus demonstrating our freedom-loving status. Ergo, Wikileaks must be stopped."

  10. Michael Wojcik Silver badge

    Nothing to see here, either

    So the gist of this story is that the US has not returned to Henry L Stimson's policy of "gentlemen[1] do not read each other's mail", eh? Did anyone think it had?

    [1] Obviously this would not apply to the current SoS anyway. But then Stimson probably believed reading other folk's mail was a lady's prerogative. He was an old-fashioned sort.

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