back to article Location-based advertising grows up

Mobile advertising is huge, and only getting bigger; but can advertisers gather information without appearing creepy ... and should they bother when customers are so willing to share? Last month O2 started delivering adverts to opted-in customers based on their location - supplementing information volunteered by customers with …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    Can't help feeling....

    ...that this seeming rabid desire to give away your personal details to pretty much anyone who asks is all going to come crashing down some day soon. Not quite sure how; maybe some mass blackmailing or a MASSIVE bank fraud or something, but I'm betting it will...

    At the very least, I'm sure there will be millions of people waking up one day (probably the same day) and finding that they really wish they had been more careful.

  2. Atonnis

    Not all users are that way...

    What I want to see is an online opt-in central marketing database. The concept would be simple.

    On one side you set up your personal details and link it to your address, mobile number, email address, etc. You pick your personal interests/preferences, etc.

    On the other side you get to opt-in and opt-out (opt-out as default) from advertisers who request to be allowed to send you information. This includes phone-based, e-mail based and also house-based.

    Bring back the control to the user.

    But then I'd also pay a fee each month to be able to use all of my personal devices in peace.

  3. OldDogNewWalk
    Thumb Up

    Brilliant question

    "It is worth taking a moment to consider who you would trust more with your personal data – a major corporation like Telefonica or Google, or yourself, 20 years ago."

    Although it's relevance will, as stated, not be appreciated by the young.

  4. Dennis Wilson
    Dead Vulture

    Bug squashing

    My personal information is mine, not yours, not theirs, it's mine all mine. Until i open my big mouth that's the way it will always be. Any attempt at changing that without me opening my my big mouth will make me rich, and bankrupt whoever else is involved.

    The E.U may make idiotic and comical decisions but in the field of data protection their rules are on the ball. Break those rules and i will squash them like a bug.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    snakes belly anyone?

    "click on a link advertising a car and you'll get more car adverts, ignore all shoe-related ads and they'll stop arriving"

    I hope that means I dont get any advertising by not clicking on any served up links.

    Advertisers are amongst the lowest of the low in my eyes, and often responsible for the shallow consumer society we are forced to live in these days.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Silly question

    "but can advertisers gather information without appearing creepy"

    Apparently not, on current evidence at least.

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