back to article Twitter man: Tweet ad demand exceeds supply

Twitter founder Evan Williams says that demand is far outstripping supply on the company's fledgling ad platforms. "Our biggest challenge right now is that there's way too much demand for the supply," he said – predictably – on Wednesday evening at the Web 2.0 Summit in downtown San Francisco. "We've been ramping up our sales …


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  1. TeeCee Gold badge

    '....the Twitter "fire hose"....'

    Er, surely "sewer" would be better here? I can't think of a better term for a big pipe full of crap.

    Calling this a "Fire hose" sounds rather derogatory to firemen......

  2. Lottie
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    So they've found a way to monetize Twitter? Good! I have an account and quite enjoy it. Hopefully this will help lead to an improved service. Since it began, the promoted results haven't bugged me as much as I thought they would and are easily ignored so I have now issues there.

    The worst part of using twitter is listening to assholes who condemn its use and users over and over.

  3. Anonymous Coward

    demand exceeds supply, 1+1=3, flying pigs etc

    "Asked if the company had a "strong" revenue model, Williams said: "The math looks good." Naturally. "The advertisers keep coming back and they want to buy more," he continued. "It's been better than we expected."

    Translation :

    "Right now we are losing huge sums of other peoples money. However, if we keep promising future revenue potential and inventing fancy sounding ways to make this sound vaguely plausible we can hopefully buy enough time to cash out our shares, selling on an essentially worthless novelty company on to some other sucker for a fortune."

  4. Anonymous Coward

    How the hell...?

    Did a global internet of intelligent discussion organised around topics of shared interest and hosted via distributed community managed bulletin boards, usenet newsgroups and emailing lists descend into innane mindless squalking on Twitter?

    1. Stumpy


      ... the internet became accessible to the great unwashed.

      ... oh for the days when only us geeks reigned supreme.

    2. Robert Ramsay

      Obvious, really.

      Because in the beginning you needed a certain degree of expertise to find out about it and use it.

      The barrier to entry has dropped drastically.

    3. Guido Esperanto


      Generation Shift + Low attention span.

      The later generations ( as in those born after 1990 (Gen Y) tend to be most socially connected, but also appear to have lower attention spans.

      So while you might think you're carefully edited and thought out post on the solution to the meaning of life, a lot of people born circa 1990, will read:

      Solution to the meaning of life, by AC

      and then move onto the next post.

      ( - a bit more reliable than wikipedia, but not a conclusive source.)

  5. Anonymous Coward
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    Demand? Supply? Its the price stoopid

    "Our biggest challenge right now is that there's way too much demand for the supply"

    Or... our biggest challenge right now is that we're not pricing our service to moderate demand, so we decided to spam our customers instead. (?)

  6. Anonymous Coward

    It's sad really

    I used to quite like twitter. These days it seems everyone on there wants you to follow them so they can regurgitate crap jokes and sell you junk via scheduled tweets. Not to mention the authorities waiting to jump on you for joking about blowing up airports. The service is now like TV but without the programs.

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