back to article Apple yanks Snow Leopard Server 10.6.5 update

Apple has pulled a Soviet-style disappearing act on its recently released Mac OS X 10.6.5 Snow Leopard Server upgrade — the upgrade has become an un-upgrade, pulled from Jobs & Co.'s download service. Since the upgrade was released just last Wednesday, Apple's discussion boards have been crying out about the update causing …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    A title is ... etc.

    The problem I had with the update to the desktop version of Snow Leopard was that it deleted my wallpaper image! Not a bige deal, but it suggests that quality control was a bit lacking on this particular update ...

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  3. RollinPowell

    I love OS X Server updates, they're so much fun!

    I thoroughly enjoyed OS X server turning off the management console because it thought there was two servers with the same serial number because there are two network interfaces after the .3 update. It was also very pleasant to have abundant share permissions issues after the .4 update. Too bad I waited and didn't get to indulge in Apple's latest update goodness with .5 <sigh>

    Lion Server should just have a big middle finger on the box when it comes out, so businesses will know exactly how much ongoing development Apple is going to do. None <middle finger>

    Apple....seriously, you have only a couple different hardware platforms to test on how is this so hard? Everyone must be working on Lion Server for the iPad, instead of (Snow) Leopard Server.

  4. bigfoot780
    Jobs Horns

    Another nail in the apple server biz

    So OS X Server 10.6.5 doesn't work with windows 7 and now doesn't work.Apple is silent (as usual) unlike m$ and won't offer any explanation because they are that arrogant.

  5. jubtastic1

    When servers are involved

    Remaining one step behind the patches is usually good advice, of course if everyone did that then there'd be no one to find the bugs, fortunately however, a whole bunch of people feel compelled to run patches the moment they become available.

    Three cheers for the unknown server clowns for clearing yet another mine buried in the road ahead.

  6. JaitcH

    Apple proves, once again, it has no "quality assurance"

    Most companies whose keynote product, AKA Lemon 4, would have been so embarrassed that they would have toughened up testing procedures, even going to the extent of providing sealed systems for 'volunteer' testers of the public do their thing

    The problem is Jobs' won't face up to the fact he, and Apple, are fallible and maybe even worse when it comes to testing. It is hard to accept that no one knew of the 'Grip of Death' feature before it hit the market.

    Chinese manufacturers aren't so dumb, either, when it comes to export orders. I have visited Chinese manufacturers and they test things to whatever spec is provided.

    One factory was producing 'spherical vibrating devices' used by some women, that featured remote control through Bluetooth signals from their cell phones relayed from another cell phone, usually their boyfriend's.

    Even this technically advanced sex toy was thoroughly tested for dynamics, including directionality, chemical inertness, battery consumption (imagine using an Apple battery that overheated), and charging ability (through a proximity coil).

    So I think it is reasonable to suspect Apple's failure is Apples, rather than some overworked assembly outfit in China.

    Chances are that if the Chinese had written this upgrade it would have worked, although the English might have been somewhat off dictionary.

  7. Woodgie

    For them that wants

    It's back up again.

  8. -tim
    Jobs Horns

    Its good to be the king of apple!

    Steve does his best work when the board is on his case to prove himself. When that isn't going on, he seems to be happy to push down quality but will never admit it. A few minor changes to the xserver and it could have ended up owning most of former low end sun business. Put Power CPUs back in the thing and it could be the next Sun. That isn't sexy as selling iGarbage but when the mutual funds start to get burned because they can't jack the stock price up any more, they are all going to pull out at once and apple will be back where it was several times before. Some forethought could help reduce the pain when that happens.

  9. Tempest

    @Apple proves, once again, it has no "quality assurance". Wrong!

    I beg to differ. Anyone can become an apple QC wallah by purchasing one of their trinkets and discovering what doesn't work.

    Don't think your reports will make much difference for after Jobs' has your money another version of the Grip of Death takes control and only the Japanese seem to have found a way to loosen it (batteries).

  10. theloon

    Yeah it might be a crap update but..........

    Linux, Windows, Mac, Sun whatever.....why do people who run production servers do a zero day upgrade without testing it? If there is no spare/dev box to mess with ....wait?

  11. John 158
    Jobs Horns

    Why even have a Mac server

    Who in their right mind buys a Mac server, the only reason to buy a mac is because it looks pretty and the weird perception the overly cluttered ui is easy.

    So why buy an overpriced box you can't see and doesn't need a gui in its day to day tasks?

    1. bigfoot780


      Unlimited CAL's. Locking down macs on a network, netboot etc. Though you are at the mercy of Apple as you are with M$.

  12. Paul Vail

    January 15?

    Let's do the time warp again. .. Was this 10.6.5 v1.1 release really 10 months ago? Man, I missed it.

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