back to article Security pros fail to get a grip on meaty bot

A new variant of the Lethic botnet agent comes signed with a digital certificate from the same firm whose identity was abused by the infamous Stuxnet industrial control system worm. Lethic is a spam-spewing botnet that ranks relatively low in terms of compromised machines but bears a disproportionately high responsibility for …


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  1. Mike007


    so they used a fake certificate that wouldn't verify... why bother at all then? a self-signed certificate with a name of "Microsoft Security Department" or something would have been just as effective surely? or indeed just have it generate a new certificate for each infection - i'm sure that would be more annoying to AV companies

    1. Paul 172


      No - I think it was a stolen cert, inside job or hack at Realtek to get the private key then ?

This topic is closed for new posts.

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