back to article Reg reader stitches PARIS right up

A tip of the hat this afternoon to reader Jon Grove, who was so impressed by our Paper Aircraft Released Into Space high-altitude snaps that he decided to get down and dirty with some hot PARIS images. Jon explains: "I used PaintshopPro, copied a bunch of your pictures into different layers, scaled and rotated and positioned …


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  1. Pirate Dave

    Dare I ask

    what the LOHAN project is?

    1. Ian Yates


      Low-Orbit/High-Altitude Napkin?

  2. Neil Hawkins

    But where is our plucky Playmonaut?

    But where is our plucky Playmonaut? Has he gone all Neil Armstrong on us and gone all shy?

    We demand an interview... with pics!

    1. Adrian Esdaile

      yes, pics of the Playmonaut-playboy-playhero!

      Preferably live from his beer-spa surrounded by nubile playmobabes and/or Barbies.

    2. Vic

      Re: But where is our plucky Playmonaut?

      Yeah, Playmobil reconstruction, or ...

      Err - hang on...


  3. MrT
    Thumb Up

    Top job!

    <<< x10

    Panoramas are seldom so expansive...

  4. Jacqui


    He beat me to it :-)

    Anyway, very well done! - top job!

    I use gimp and use layers to scale rotate and transform.

    Positioning meant I made the modev layer transparent (15%) then overlaid until a very good fit.

    Trapeziod transforms are the cheap and nasty way to do it BTW :-)

    1. Stumpy


      "I use gimp "

      ... don't you find the rubber gas mask and ball-gag restrict your view of the screen a little? But 10/10 for being able to use the mouse whilst in cuffs :-)

      1. Adrian Esdaile

        You don't need hands...

        ...when you manipulate small rodents.

        Coat please!

  5. Anonymous Coward

    What it's like to be a toy inside PARIS

    +5 interwebs for the adline!

    1. Joe H.

      You mean it must be like...

      ... a toy inside any other toy box, but, overshadowed by the likely possibility of presence in said toy box being rabidly turned into some sort of international theater entertainment for the masses to disseminate upon by <insert favorite radical liberal/left wing-conservative/right wing media here>

      Right, right, that's my coat, yes please I am on my way now, no need to shove.....

  6. Chris 2

    LOHAN is what?

    Lunar Orbiter with Highly Attractive er,



    Lunar orbit is a bit ambitious maybe?

  7. max allan

    After previous performance....

    After the performance of the PARIS chase team, I'd reckon LOHAN could be:

    Lost On Highway And Needing beer/tea/cigarette ?

    Unless the Reg is just messing with us?

  8. Bryn Evans
    Black Helicopters

    Vulture Watch

    What is that Vulture doing, in the lower left hand corner of the Map ?

  9. EddieD


    Both for the images, and for using PaintShopPro - a great entry level product, consigned to the bitbucket of history by Adobe because it showed their software for the pointless bloat it is.

    Loads Of High Alcohol Nights.


  10. Alan Esworthy


    LOw HANging hookup

  11. SteveD
    Thumb Up

    Good job Jon

    Very nice work Jon, would buy that as a poster. Idea for the reg maybe

    1. ridley

      Paris goes mainstream

      "Paper aeroplane launched into space captures breathtaking images

      British space enthusiasts have made history by launching a paper aeroplane into space which captured a series of breathtaking images on its glide back to earth."


  12. heyrick Silver badge

    Oh hell yes....!

    Snip, snip, crop, splat.

    Damn fine desktop backdrop (aka wallpaper), if I say so myself.

  13. Mostor Astrakan
    Thumb Up

    Well, you've made it now...

    On my morning Tube ride, I spotted the familiar scavenger logo in that bastion of journalistic excellence that is the Metro. Gentlemen, the Vulture has now well and truly landed. If any dates and wild parties with supermodels ensue, we will of course expect full Playmo-coverage.

  14. Scott 19

    This is for the Mods.

    Not sure where i should paste this link but PARIS is in the Daily Mail, minus any mention of the site, you may want to get the lawyers onto it?

  15. Mips
    Jobs Halo

    When you wrote PARIS..

    ..I did not actually think you meant pariS: Space. Because that is what you just about got intentionally or not. The photos are fantastic.

    LOHAN? 1. Please borrow a more reliable still camera. 2. Please don't launch it anywhere near me.

  16. Ragarath

    Great job

    It flickered through my mind to pull out a few of the pictures but what you have done is much more than I considered. Very impressed.

    Have a beer on me.

  17. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    Fame ....... now where the **** is the Fortune :-)

    Bravo, El Reg ......

    **** Heck

  18. Tim #3


    Paris is in today's Time. More new heights reached.

  19. Tim #3


    Times, not Time

  20. Anonymous Coward

    More clouds

    Could you send it up again on a cloudless summer day?

    Jus' askin'.......

  21. Dave Cheetham


    What an achievement. You guys are an inspiration to the world. Also, just seen the article about it in the "Times" today as well. At least the Times mentions the Reg and the project sponsors. Do you realise how much advertising you just got for £8000?


  22. kryptonaut


    ...Thanks to Team El-Reg for such an epic project, and for giving us all the smug feeling of having been in on it from the start when the rest of the media are only just now catching up with the awesomeness of flying a paper plane to space and back, and taking pictures to prove it!

    ...Thanks also for the appreciative comments regarding my (for it was me whodunnit) photographic stitch-up job. It was fascinating to see the panorama gradually coming together, and then trying to match it up with Google Earth's view.

    Great to see the 'big' news outlets running with the story, anyway. Looking forward to LOHAN :-)

  23. RollinPowell
    Jobs Horns

    Next project

    PARIS was awesome and for the next project you should do SJRIS (Steve Jobs Released Into Space). Preferably with no suit or way back down.

  24. andy gibson

    "Gone all Neil Amstrong"

    Does that mean he's been locked away and briefed about how to deny it was faked?

  25. SImon Hobson Silver badge
    Thumb Up

    And on BBC TV

    BBC TV news yesterday. Well done guys.

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