back to article Survey scammers take aim at Call of Duty

Fraudsters have exploited excitement over this week's launch of Call of Duty: Black Ops as a theme for online scams. Supposed cracks for the eagerly awaited first-person shooter actually take gamers through a variety of shonky online surveys, warns GFI Security researcher Chris Boyd. The surveys falsely offer iPads and …


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  1. Xander
    Thumb Down

    In other news...

    Bears shit in the woods and the Pope has been confirmed as Catholic.

    These survey scams have been around for at least a year, becoming crazy popular with Facebook in particular. This is not news by any stretch of the imagination.

    1. Real game player]
      Dead Vulture

      Hitman:blood money

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  2. Number6


    People put valid information into such surveys?

  3. gef05


    OMG - the sky is blue.

  4. Gav


    I always wonder about the value of the data collected from surveys like these. Your data set consists entirely of gullible dimwits looking for free stuff, who have no reason to worry about accuracy or truth.

    Hardly informational gold, even for a scammer.

    1. Anonymous Coward

      You can see my artless point.

      "Dear Gullible Dimwit -

      I have $16,90 000 US DOllars to give to you for free, please deposit a handling fee in my Western Union yada yada yada."

  5. Anonymous Coward

    Some folks just don't get it

    What is amazing is the responses here. One idiot thinks the surveys are legitimate and questions the value while another equates it to the completely different Nigerian scams.

    This survey crap has been around for a lot more than a year and still sucks in idiots looking to get pirated or free stuff. Fools that fall for it get what they deserve in the end.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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