back to article Virgin America heads to the cloud with Google

Virgin America has signed a deal with Google to provide cloud-based apps to all its 1,700 staff across the US. Virgin employees will shift to GMail and start using other Google apps like Docs, Google Talk and Google Calendar. The search and ad giant reckons the move will save Virgin half of its previous email costs and cut the …


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  1. Piloti
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    Google / Virgin / Customers

    So, does that mean Virgins customers information will be held by google and therefore google will have access to names, addresses, emails........ ?

    I wonder.......

    1. Ian Tunnacliffe

      In a word, no.

      This agreement covers normal office automation functions. If a Virgin employee includes any of those data in an email then they will be held in the cloud. But Virgin's customer service systems (reservations, web booking, check-in etc) are completely separate. As it happens they use the aiRes system from Indian software house ibs, hosted in a specialist airline industry data centre.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton


    Now that you have made the decision to switch to Google, how are you planning to integrate your email environment with your PBX? As I understood it, that is something that you lose.

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