back to article Adobe AIR 2.5 adds Flash to Android, TV and RIM tablets

Adobe today announces AIR 2.5, which will enable Flash-based applications and services for Google's Android, RIM's BlackBerry PlayBook and Samsung 'smart' TVs. Preview editions of the next Flex Framework, Adobe's Flash Builder design and development environment, the Flash Catalyst design tool, and version 2.5 of its Adobe …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    The Reg - letting Adobe off the hook?

    Quote: "Adobe and prime tablet provider Apple have had a major falling out during 2010, as Steve Jobs lambasted Flash [etc]"

    Has everyone forgotten already? Adobe deserved to be lambasted - it had been promising a top-notch mobile version of Flash for *years*, and completely failed to deliver. It still hasn't delivered today - just witness the poor performance of the releases on Android. Yes, Flash will play video decently on some sites (particularly if the video is optimised for mobile), but across the board its performance is mediocre to dreadful.

    Three years of broken promises would stretch anyone's patience to the limit. Adobe deserves a roasting for its poor performance. Worse still, I'm finding some Flash-based material isn't working even on the desktop machines (with the latest Flash installed), and the slack attitude to privacy and security rings a lot of alarm bells too. I don't have a scrap of sympathy left for Adobe, frankly.

    1. Anonymous Coward


      >Worse still, I'm finding some Flash-based material isn't working even on the desktop machines

      How 'bout a few links to examples.....and stuff written by professional developers please, not kids or hobbyists. Ah, thought not.

    2. Reg Sim

      Whilst I agree to a point...

      Yes I believe Macro-media was getting a bit slack with flash, I think its more thanks to competition from the likes of silver-light that has got them get there act together a bit better.

      I have no love what so ever for Apples store and lock-in crap, so whilst I like adobe (as it is now) getting grief and crapping them self s, I do wish them luck since I use Flash products quite a bit

      There rather easy to use for the novice, so its got a nice gentle entry level, which is also good for the 'little man'.

      Also, there is a balance between cross platform and speed. If you make it cross platform, you tend to find folk will make there platforms run it faster as that will be how there products are compared in the end. Take the current crop of browsers all trying to provide the fastest Java Script performance. It give you apples to apples comparisons (pun intended).

  2. MacRat


    The new malware.

  3. RichyS


    Nice Adobe press-release?

    Where's my Monday morning dose of El Reg biting sarcasm? Disappointed.

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  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Flash on my TV?

    Judging by how smoothly my laptop runs with a collection of flash crap at 1024x768 it looks like my new telly will need some goliath processor so its able to play all those loverly 1080p adds without too much stuttering...........

    please, speed up flash for pc before forcing it into everything else we own!

    1. Giles Jones Gold badge


      There's no mention of video, just "applications and services". I guess video is a service.

      For years people have tried "write once, run anywhere" but in the end the result is never as good as native code.

  6. Anonymous Coward


    Let's see, Android, RIM tablets and Samsung TVs: all based on Linux.

    Flash performance on Linux: shit.

    Any chance they improve their performance before shovelling crap everywhere?

  7. Anonymous Coward

    So if Nike went into software...

    ...and licenced Air to run on Apple devices, would it be known as Nike Air Macs?

    yes yes, coat's already in hand.

  8. The Grime

    change the record already

    Isn't the endless knee-jerk anti-Adobe diatribes from el-reg commentards getting a bit boring already? Sweeping statements about performance with not one jot of evidence. Meanwhile in the real world developers are doing brilliant things with Flash. Global shipping companies use it to visualize their operations down to real-time mapping and scheduling; its used by the military; its used widely for front-ends to financial trading apps. In fact anywhere where a complex rich client is needed, to be deployed multiplatform over the web, mobile, or as a desktop install with AIR, Flash/Flex is the default choice, unless Silverlight is a better fit for the organisation. There are countless enterprise level apps developed in this technology dealing with vast amounts of data in real time. All you commentards who have a Pavlovian response to the word "Flash"... yes, we get the message, now change the bl@@din record!

    1. sandman

      Enterprise Flash

      Not to mention the use of Flash-based simulations for end user software training.

  9. supergen

    Is cross-platform not important anymore

    With Apple going out of their way to lock-in and close the platform and even limit the languages developers can use on their platforms, (Flash and Java the first casualties), it's good that some platforms choose to run with cross-platform tools. Whose is Apple going to kick out next. It could be (insert your favorite language, api, environment here).

  10. JDX Gold badge

    re:speed up flash for pc before forcing it into everything else

    Maybe you need a decent PC, or a modern version of Flash? I don't see problems on my £300 PC.

    On topic, does this mean Android has Flash 10 support, or did it already? I would love the project I'm working on to run on mobile devices and games consoles but Flash support is very patchy at version 9 or 10.

  11. FatCandy
    Jobs Horns

    Might've guessed the fanbois would weigh in

    Enough said in the title really...

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