back to article National Schools Film Week punts unsafe URL

We can't decide whether someone is having a right laugh or simply hasn't got a clue, but we feel that National Schools Film Week could have picked a better URL to punt cinema to wide-eyed youngsters. Yes indeed, while http// does indeed point to celluloid enlightenment, parents had better make sure their offspring …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton


    They ARE films, aren't they ? :)

    Paris, well you know....

  2. John H Woods Silver badge


    It seems teh Interwebs is now officially too easy to use, domain registration included. What sort of noob registers an .org domain without checking what the taken domains of the same name look like? What sort of organisation delegates the registration to such a noob? It's amazing.

    On a related note, has everyone seen the 'idiot-test' that's doing the rounds, claiming that this 'weekend-filled' October has a calendrical pattern seen only once every 823 years?

    1. Anonymous Coward


      By my reckoning it's always got 31 days, so that makes it one year in 7 (short term variations caused by leap years).

      Of course - other months have 31 days as well, so that's 7 months, each running at 1in 7.

      So that's basically once per year...

      (Of course all months (other than January) are phase locked in a given calendar year (January is phase locked to the previous calendar year))

    2. The Fuzzy Wotnot

      Exactly what I was thinking!

      Almost everyone, including a lot of IT people, will simply tack on a .COM to most URLs! You think URL, you think .COM suffix.

      Alright IT people would probably spot the .ORG and think "Hang-on, why did they have to use anything other than .COM?", but still the organisers could have just thought for two mins.

    3. A J Stiles

      Once every 823 years

      A friend of mine tried to claim that a month containing five Sundays, five Mondays and five Tuesdays {like this August gone} occurred only once every 823 years. In fact, all it takes is for a 31-day month to begin on a Sunday.

      In a leap year (97 out of 400) there are six different starting days for 31-day months (July starts on the same day as January). In a plain year (303 out of 400) there are only five (August starts on the same day as March and October the same day as January). That's an average of 5.2425 31-day months starting on a given day of the week per 7 years.

      How did anyone get 823 years?!

      1. Anonymous Coward

        823? You've gotta be kidding!

        Taking leap years into account, you're guaranteed the same sequence every 11 years.

    4. Anonymous Coward


      I shit you not - I knew of someone with a radical approach to education who was blissfully unaware that his World Teaching Foundation was not a good name.

  3. Disco-Legend-Zeke



    211, when you can't afford good enough.

  4. cor

    Picking the nits in the article

    Sorry, I know;I'm nit picking here - but if you copy & paste from their own site it says:

    "This year’s dates are:

    England, Wales & *Northern Ireland* – 14-22 October 2010

    Scotland: 28 October-5 November 2010"

    You may not realise, it but people generally mean The Republic of Ireland when using the term "Ireland".

    You're not alone in this kind of mistake though, as the locals here in The Netherlands generally refer to the entire British Isles as "England".

    Ok, enough pedantry for now.


    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      "refer to the entire British Isles as England"

      That's because, up until the late '50s, this was the norm in England. Sorry, Britain.

      The whole point was that England conquered the other buggers. It always makes me laugh when the usually right-wing football supporters complain about the Union flag being "un-English" and use a 300 year old, pre-Empire flag instead.

      1. CD001

        Act of Union

        The Act of Union (which created Britain) was enacted by a Scot ... so it could be said that Britain was formed by Scotland uniting with England/Wales (since the English had conquered the Welsh).

        Who exactly conquered who in that then?

        1. Sir Runcible Spoon Silver badge


          We may have conquered the Welsh at some point, but as they keep pointing out to me they took so much land from the English they had to pile it up.

      2. Dave Murray

        Until the 50s?

        "That's because, up until the late '50s, this was the norm in England."

        Until the 50s? Still is from most sassenachs including many on TV.

      3. Anonymous Coward

        England the Conqueror

        Calling Britain 'England' was certainly not the norm in Scotland.

        England may well have conquered Scotland at some point but that is NOT what led to the act of Union. I suggest you brush up on your history of the British Isles.

    2. Ian Ferguson
      Thumb Up

      That's probably because...

      ...we generally refer to the country you're in Holland. :)

    3. Tom 260

      tit for tat

      While on the other hand, many people in Britain (and I suspect other countries too) refer to the whole of The Netherlands as Holland, which is basically the same situation!

    4. Burch


      What else do you suggest we call Northern Ireland, that being its name.

      1. Anonymous Coward

        pending reintegration of the National Territory...

        How about 'The Six Counties'?

  5. Anonymous Coward

    Somebody think

    Who will think of the children? Won't somebody think of the children!

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    So... who recons theirs an IT guy who is doing this on purpose. Wasn't there that mascot whose name was a hardcore gay web site?

    1. LinkOfHyrule


      Yeah it was a semi famous gay balloon fetish website called "Busters World" and I say semi famous as I'm pretty sure it may of been featured on a few TV shows as far back as the late '90s, Graham Norton springs to mind.

  7. irish donkey

    Alvin and Chipmunks

    My daughter is off to see Alvin and Chipmunks with her friends. She is sooo excited.

    I told her to pay attention to the Ian (David Cross) he works as a record producer and give a very true to life account of how Record Companies/Producers screw money out of their artists.

    That's what the movie/music business is really like and why it is acceptable to steal their stuff because when you steal something that has already been stolen it's not really stealing.

    Bit of a RIAA own goal. The whole point in this exercise is to teach kids that the movie business is a caring sharing industry that you shouldn't steal from but as I said before it's not really stealing.

  8. Maire52
    Thumb Down

    But how do you book a free film now?

    Does anybody have a phone number for them, this sort of stuff is coming up on every link?

    Has anyone reported it?

    Thanks Maire

  9. J 3
    Paris Hilton


    As well as meaty vid goodness, boasts live chat, should you wish to discuss the finer points of French cinema with a young lady.

    Hm... I would have written "young lady" there between quotes, just in case. Who knows.

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