back to article Met chief fears Brit cybercrime gangs

Britain's most senior police officer has raised fears that home-grown organised gangs are waking up to the low risks and high rewards of cybercrime. Sir Paul Stephenson, Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, issued the warning in a Sunday newspaper article highlighting the importance of specialist officers. Debate around …


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  1. Sulehir


    "PCeU regularly receives calls from other Met units informing them that criminal gangs are using cyber communication to plan their crimes and launder the proceeds."

    So what? Emailing each other and using online banking I presume? Or maybe they have gone really high tech and are 'cyber' communicating using MSN messenger.

    1. Shakje

      News Just In

      Criminal gangs are using telephone communication to plan their crimes.

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  3. Rogerborg

    Agreed, let's keep it inside the British economy

    It would be even better if we encouraged British cyberblaggers to go out and swipe Johnny Abroadlander's funny foreign money instead. Surely there should be some kind of HND in that, pimp it on, show some pretty blonde girls shaking their diplomas - that'd sort out the balance of trade in short order.

  4. Nick 6

    Fear it, fear it.

    Another mouthpiece trying to raise the profile of what ever keep them employed, just around the time of the cuts. We're under attack, criminals on the rise, fear them fear them.

    Similar to the woman from higher education I heard early claiming that fees would go up to 5 or 6 times their current level if the government won't give them some more money.....

  5. Jellied Eel Silver badge

    He's right

    In the good'ol days, people would have to wear stockings, grab a sawn-off and blag a bank. Now they can cross-dress and rob from the comfort of their own homes. Police need to respond to changes in crime, and catching e-criminals is an expensive business. Cutting funding when cybercrime is on the increase is nuts, especially when stuxnet shows criminals are diversifying with their targets.

  6. Gordon Pryra


    "criminal gangs are using cyber communication to plan their crimes and launder the proceeds"


    Anyway, us Brits are too dam lazy and stupid to do it.

  7. JaitcH

    This is a Plod (implied) code message: We need more money

    How come Plod, and other 'services' that have a high, often inflated, opinion of themselves want to exclude themselves from the national budget trimming exercise that is currently under way in the UK.

    For far too long the outstretched hand of the Plod, often in the disguise of ACPO, has been filed with gold from the immediate pas Labour governments. Under Plunkett, Plod could ask for nothing that wouldn't be answered with yet more funding.

    ACPO is also deserving of inquiry, it seems to act like a private fund allocation service with, naturally, the funds coming from the public purse.

    The Plod 'thought process' is actually more of a creative process based on the premise of how they can scare the public into pressuring the powers that be in to releasing yet more funds for some adventure in 'empire building'.

  8. Dan 10


    Perhaps I've read too many 'memoirs of x's time in y law enforcement agency', but the lack of real organised UK-based crime (i.e. we have lots of crime, but no mafia, yakuza, etc really getting organised and running rings round the authorities) seems to go against this.

    Given how much of a failure SOCA currently appears to be, perhaps the existing funding could be diverted from the unionised lazy old farts that currently do nothing to the proportion of officers that are hungry for some real successes against the crims.

  9. Yet Another Anonymous coward Silver badge


    Just arrest anyone in the street with a computer.

    Hang on that digital camera is a computer isn't it? You're nicked Mr Photographer

  10. kain preacher Silver badge

    In my day

    We had to walk 5 miles up hill in snow , both ways to rob a person. We were not afraid to hit a man either .

  11. bugalugs

    @ In my day 201010042230

    ONLY 5 ? We used t' have t' climb BACKWARDS

    up AND down mountain 20 miles,

    dragging hessian bags t' cover our

    tracks, just t' get t' road t' WAIT t' rob people !

    THAT were a good day of course...

    Holy Hand Grenade of course

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