back to article Seat in sexy e-sportster shock

What's this? Seat in reasonable looking e-car concept shock? Here's the rather flash Seat IBE sports coupé, unveiled at this week's Paris Motor Show, which the company calls an "all-electric vehicle that generates zero local emissions". Seat IBE Inside the 2+2 sits a 75kW motor and 200Nm of torque. There's an 18kWh battery …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    Design nicked.....

    .....from Honda.

    Looks very much like the CRZ.


    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      And unsurprisingly... a VW Scirocco from many angles.

  2. hugo tyson
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    It's a VW corrado

    It's a VW Corrado(?) body though innit?

  3. Neil Porter
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    Whoop de doo

    So it's a Seat re-branding of the Scirocco with some hybrid tech. Yawn.

  4. Yannick Bashibuzuck

    At first I read

    "Seats in sexy e-sportster shock"

    1. MrT


      ...or some neat new built-in electro-shock device to keep drivers awake whilst they recharge when caught out 30 miles away from home....

  5. Matt Bradley


    IBE... IBiza Electric, anybody?

    So what we're looking at is a new Ibiza Concept with an electric drivetrain shoved into it for press column inches?

  6. Ball boy

    What's an 80 mile range really translate to?

    Given that most practical tests suggest the 'up to x miles range' is about as optimistic as my ISP telling me I'll get 'up to 8Mb/s broadband'

    I'd wager 80 becomes 50. Somewhat less if it's raining and you need the lights and heater on.

    Actually, how long before the batteries start to suffer? We're all aware that rechargeable cells slowly degrade; their ability to hold a charge and their discharge profile becomes somewhat more erratic.

    I can well imagine replacing the cells will be part of the annual service and surely, this'll affect its green credentials somewhat. It'll certainly affect my pocket - you know we'll have to use Seat cells in a Seat if we want to maintain the warranty..."Hi! Dropping my car in for its service. Wow, that looks just like a tube of KY! What'd ya use that heck, that made my eyes water!"

    Coat because the man looks like he's already assumed the position.

  7. amanfromearth
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    Mmm, nice

    Would be reaaly nice with a 280 bhp V6

    1. Gilbert Wham


      Torque-steer FTW!

  8. DB2k



  9. Conrad Longmore

    Looks nice but..

    Looks nice but I can't see that it serves much of a practical purpose until they magically can squeeze more power into these things. As Ball Boy says, some recent roadtests of all electric vehicles show that the stated range is pretty much the absolute best case scenario.

    Although the Chevrolet Volt (or Opel/Vauxhall Ampera) is a good deal less sexy, the addition of a small petrol engine does at least mean that you actually go to places in it..

  10. CT

    2+2 = ... 2

    Is the car industry the only one where 2 plus 2 equals 2, for all practical purposes?

  11. Bo Pedersen

    pales in comparison

    to the Ginetta G50 EV :)

    and yes its a rebadged mesed up VW

    fairly nice though

  12. John Smith 19 Gold badge

    I was thinking of a Renault

    Have European cars got *that* homogenized?

    That said I think it looks good and seems like the sort of performance for pulling away at the lights.

    Let's face it all that cruising along the autostrada and bahn of Europe with not a car in sight is so much car company BS.

    How will it do at the lights in Swindon is what counts.

    1. Chemist

      "a car in sight is so much car company BS"

      I take your point but to be fair I travelled down the A26 in France on the 22nd Sept. in the middle of the day and there were no other vehicles for as far as the eye could see for long stretches.

      On the other hand I went from Saas-Fee over the Simplon pass last week to Locarno and there were road-works & heavy traffic much of the way.

  13. Jan 0

    I do not have a title!

    "not much cop for tooling up the motorway, which is surely what you want a sports coupé for"

    If that's the best use you have for a sports coupé, then it's wasted on you.

  14. Anonymous Coward

    "Sportster"? Really?

    0-60 in 10 seconds? A sports car? Our company box truck is faster than that. Hell, I'm not sure I've driven anything that slow since I retired my '93 Escort that had 200k miles and a blown head gasket.

    8 seconds in the CRZ is wretched. This is flat-out pathetic. And yet you blithely regurgitate the press release without question? Blech.

  15. Shanghai Tom

    Zero local emissions ? is the power stationj so far away ?

    Zero local emissions, does that mean the power station that burns gas/ coal/oil is not local to you ?

    the efficiency of the charger can never be 100%, so you will always produce CO2 etc emissions in excess of your KWH as part of the cost of the recharge.

    1. Lottie

      well.... yeah

      Zero local emissions basically means at the exhaust pipe. Its sort of like saying "doesn't produce nasty gases to breathe in at the roadside"

  16. GeorgeTuk

    Looks like a concept...

    ...therefore not really worth talking about.

    Also 0-60 is rubbish, bet the battery weighs a fair bit too.

    They'll get there in the end.

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