back to article Final Ubuntu 10.10 and first Drizzle beta in release duet

Open sourcers, contain yourselves. Not only has the MySQL fork Drizzle finally hit beta, but the "sexiest Ubuntu yet" has been delivered as a release candidate - on the same day. The Drizzle project has released build 1802, which they've called the Drizzle7 beta release. The beta includes drizzledump for those MySQL customers …


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  1. Shannon Jacobs

    So why hasn't OSS won?

    As a long time Ubuntu user (on my primary machine at home and to a much lesser degree at work), I actually find these articles somewhat depressing. Sometimes superior products, lower prices, and apparently lower costs, so why hasn't OSS triumphed?

    Well, whatever you want to say about Microsoft and Apple (and I can't think of anything nice to say, so I won't go there), you have to say that their economic models work much better than the economic models of OSS. Therefore I suggest OSS needs to explore alternative and possibly better economic models, and I just happen to have one in my pocket:

    No disclaimer required. As far as I know, my only interest is that I'd like to donate via such a mechanism. I might chip in for a database application program for Android (for books), but I think my own bias would be for the independent media...

    1. Robert E A Harvey
      Gates Horns


      >so why hasn't OSS triumphed?

      The power of marketing?

      The common 'plaint against M$ is its abuse of monopoly. The two local computer stores in my home town have both told me this week that they are 'not allowed' to sell me a computer without Windows,

      But it is still the case that the fundamental weakness of FOSS is the absence of a huge marketing department.

  2. Anonymous Coward

    I thought...

    That and OS can't be sexist... Reg shown me I'm wrong...

  3. Rogerborg

    Crib notes about Ubutu releases

    Ubuntu "LTS" means "Long Term Shagged". 10.04 regressed several drivers (display, wifi) from 9.10 in return for copying MacOS window decoration instead of Windows. 10.04 will never be fixed, because as soon as each release ships (or sooner) all the focus shifts to the next version. Anyone left maintaining 10.4, well... they won't be the sharpest code monkeys in the barrel.

    So if Ubuntu is remaining consistent with it's last half dozen releases, the 10.10 "feature" release will actually be a hell of a lot more stable than 10.04 "LTS", and upgrading will be de rigour.

    1. kondor

      Of course,

      Hardy (LTS) is "good" until Spring 2011. It lies there as a huge beached whale, outdated and ignored. The Ubuntu fashionistas adorn each new release with tinsel and fluff and Linux share has sunk below 1% of net traffic. That figure represents primarily PC installs.

      The 6 month release schedule drives the PC herd back to WinMac leaving only those disposed to upgrade/reinstall/maintain and search the forums for fixes for boxes broken by "regressions". Ubuntu has been so bad on at least one release that one of the IT literati asked if Canonical was actually working for MS.

      We do give the nod to Ubuntu for innovation. Who else would have thought to move the Window controls to the nether regions?

      Ubuntu is not the only Linux solution - thankfully.

  4. Wanda Lust


    OK, this isn't specifically an Ubuntu issue but I think it's catastrophic that a whole class of current laptops just don't work with the current Linux kernel and its graphics code. Don't work, period, blank display, like... unusable.

    Intel Core i5 (Ironlake with Intel HD Graphics) and embedded DisplayPort panel interface: no worky. Intel haven't upgraded their Linux driver code in months. Many kernel changes alleging to fix it but no success.


    It's Friday evening, get me a beer.

  5. demo

    My eyes are bleeding

    I used to love the dirty brown themes (with that hint of orange). When ubuntu was at it's best a few years ago. I don't really see what the problem is with the "coffee ring wallpapers", i thought it was unique and eyecatching.

    Bring back the sexy good old ubuntu look. This "close up mould in a petri dish" wallpaper isn't very nice to look at.

    Now how long until its officially renamed to macbuntu?

    RIP ubuntu.

  6. Colin Wilson


    You do realise you can change it ?

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