back to article Hammer time as AOL nails TechCrunch

What do you get when you cross MC Hammer with an injured and badly limping internet giant? Well according to TechCruch’s Michael Arrington, whose website has just been bought by AOL, the answer is “awesomeness in a bottle.” The web outfit, under CEO Tim Armstrong, went on a big spending spree yesterday. It scooped up no less …


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  1. Mage Silver badge

    AOL money to waste

    Great for Ego Tech Blogger Michael Arrington

    Not sure what this does for AOL shareholders.

    Maybe after a year they will close it or sell it to some other sucker.

  2. bygjohn

    Hammer is still going?

    Who'd a thunk? Personally I think Stahlhammer do a better job on his hit:

    ... but maybe that's just me :)

  3. Timo

    Maybe Hammer was explaining how business works

    After all - MC Hammer went bankrupt in 1996!!! Get TechCrunch in there and they're all a big batch of circle jerks.

    U Can't Touch This!

  4. Marcus Aurelius

    Being bought by AOL

    ...seems to be the Kiss Of Death for any company. The only thing that seems to be awesome is how fast AOL companys lose money and circle the drain.

  5. paulf Silver badge

    Has to be done

    <- Hammer time


    Yes, that's my coat, thank you.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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