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“Time is everything,” said Horatio Nelson. “Five minutes make the difference between victory and defeat.” Ruse Risky move It's a war quote repeated several times in RUSE's loading screens. But it could just as easily apply to game release schedules. Arriving just a few weeks after Starcraft II on the PC, and almost …


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  1. Chicka
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    Ruse on PS3

    I agree, Ruse is upping the ante for RTS' on consoles. You should try playing it with the PS3 Move, I've found that the control of units and navigation around the map (zoom in/out) is really easy and done with the flick of your wrist. I give it two thumbs up!!!



  2. nobby

    ps3 move?

    the PS3 version is "move" compatible...

    i can't see that working, but i've love someone to tell me how it does work...

    1. Matt_payne666


      there is a demo on the PSN, so its well worth giving it a go.... but basically you use a combination of the move controller and either the navigation controller or the left side of the six-axis controller... its a little tricky, but onve you get the hang of it, almost as quick as a mouse, possibly quicker with practice (ive only been playing the demo)

      basically the move controller is used to zoom in and out and select units, while the six-axis/nav cintroller pans the screen about and selects units... I was unsure how it would tie together, but its very quick, selecting units or points on the field, you just point the controller and your there!

  3. Bo Pedersen
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    Played the demo

    and I must say I am impressed, its was a Pick up and play RTS, and I am one of those who only just managed to get to grips with C&C Generals :)

    very engaging, I would hope this gets a good multiplayer following

    its on my Christmas list, and knowing Steam will be at an awesome price for pc during December at some point :)

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Get Moving!

    It might be worth a mention that the PS3 version supports Move controllers and apparently makes the game a whole lot better for doing so. And I think thers a demo on PSN.

    Also, any word of DRM? It is a Ubisoft game afterall....Would I get kicked out of the game if my ps3 loses it's internet connection? Or what?

    1. Weird_George
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      No online DRM

      RUSE is thankfully devoid of Ubisoft's heinous online DRM.

      1. Anonymous Coward
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        @ Weird_George

        Great stuff. I'll give it a go then.

        1. frymaster

          uses steam tho

          ...while I personally consider it the best thing since sliced bread, and while that means that even if you buy it in the shops you can re-download it onto any computer you have access to, and don't need the disk, some people consider steam a "DRM" implementation. and you _will_ need internet the first time you play it, at least (steam's offline mode only works on up-to-date games that have been run at least once)

  5. Mark Fenton

    This may be what I've been looking for...

    ..I've been looking for a Battlezone replacement for a few years...hopefully this will be it!

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Thinking about this + Kinect

    With the imminent release of Microsoft's Kinect I'm wondering how a game such as this could be played using Microsoft's new Controllerless system.

    I don't think it can, using gestures is only going to work to a certain degree. Sure you can wave your hands about until the cows come home but how are you going to select a bunch of tanks when you don't have any buttons to press.

    Think about it. The lack of any buttons to press with Kinect is going to be a real hinderence to game playing beyond basic hand swipery and gesture making.

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Any use of Kinect doesn't mean that the standard controllers are suddenly not useable...

  8. cre@mstick360
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    Been waiting for this review...

    ...and from what I've seen and read elsewhere it will entertain for hours.

  9. NortTelling

    Nice one

    This works really well with the Playstation Move and Navigation controller. It did take some getting used to since I had been playing the game for about a week with the normal controller before the Move came out. However, I really wouldn't want to go back to using the normal controller now that I have experienced the benefit of the Move with this game.

    As for the game's very enjoyable. I played the demo and wasn't so sure about buying the game because I found the demo was very limited and linear. This is really due to the demo consisting of a tutorial. The full game gives you full freedom to do what you want when you want.

    Enjoy. :)

  10. Greg 16

    Great game

    I've spent far too much of my life on this game! They spent a lot of time on the betas, and the end result is very polished. The detail when you zoom in is extremely detailed, and there's no loading times either! If you're going to play multiplayer, then learn the counters first!

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