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Online seller of past-their-prime games is back, claiming not to have closed down but mere come out of beta status. Given has been around for two years, that's one heck of a 'testing' phase - which just goes to show how misused and redundant the term has become these days. Rather than move from a closely …


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  1. Baudwalk

    Nay to DRM!

    When my old mother (cue violins) got a new laptop to replace her ancient, irreparably busted PC, do you think her favourite DOS game would run on XP?

    Of course not.

    Not because of the game itself (the demo version worked), but because of the fscking CD copy-protection.

    I certainly learned my lesson and haven't shelled out for any copy-protected SW for my PC, or my mum's, since.

  2. TheRobster Silver badge
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    It might have pissed you off but... worked, for me at least. Before this week, I'd never heard of the site, and I loved some of my old games. Now, I'm looking forward to the relaunch to see what they have available.

    I hope they have TIE Fighter. I never could get that working in XP.

    1. A. Coatsworth

      Ditto here

      Had never heard of the site before this stunt, but now they probably won a new customer.

      If I can get my hands on Duke Nukem 3D, that is...

      1. Not That Andrew

        Cupid Stunts

        I just hope that the number of people who heard of them through this stunt equals the amount of people, like me, who are extremely reluctant to trust them with our money any more.

  3. ArmanX
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    I actually just found that site

    Two days ago, natch. What a welcome - "We're closing!"

    Meanwhile, they are indeed back online, and I may just have to shell out for some of those games... ah, the memories!

This topic is closed for new posts.

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