back to article Oracle gooses Exadata clusters with chunky Intel chips

Oracle's new co-president Mark Hurd took the stage at the OpenWorld extravaganza Monday to dutifully help with the product rollouts. He paced the stage, no doubt making the cameraman dizzy as he stomped about, talking about the new Exadata X2-8 data warehousing and online transaction processing clustered appliances as glowingly …


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  1. tom 99
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    Sparc T3s are superior to x64?

    > Oracle doesn't just need to offer Solaris 11 as an option on the x64-based systems, but to use the Exadata appliances to prove that Sparc T3s are superior to x64 processors.

    The problem is.... they are not faster than x64 :-)

    1. Kebabbert

      tom 99

      How are the T3 not faster than x86? Have you seen the benchmarks? No? Thought so.

    2. Lou 2
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      The problem is.... they are not faster than x64

      In which way is it not faster?

      GHz? On chip 10 Gigabit Ethernet network speed? On chip encryption and decryption , floating point computation, parallel processing throughput?

      Of course the X64 chip is faster in some areas but in others its slower - it is all in the way you use it.

  2. Allison Park

    Larry Ellison's top ten list for Oracle Open World success

    1) Pretend Oracle has $1.5B of Exadata pipeline when the opportunity list is less than 75 customers worldwide and less than 100 ever sold (just ask IDC)

    2) Compare only hardware price to the most expensive system IBM has to offer.

    Ignore that the WebLogic suite on the new ExaLogic box will cost $8.1Million

    3) Release benchmarks which noone else has done in years or make a new one so you can claim world wide leadership

    4) Refuse to discount Exadata hardware so you can deliver on the $1.5B in profit promise

    5) Release a 16 core T3 chip with terrible core performance so you can increase the software licenses required

    6) Show off your America's cup at the entrance so everyone can see where their IT budget has been going

    7) Bring in the Black eyed peas so all the attendees don' feel like they spend thousands to attend to see a bunch of hardware vendor powerpoints

    8) Make sure no one raises their hand when HP's Anne LIvermore asks how many people in the audience use HP for their Oracle software

    9) Have some wine before your Sunday hardware pitch so people see you sweat and be giddy about how everyone told you not to be technical

    10) Tell Mark to give back the $30M when he got fired from HP

    1. Anonymous Coward

      Lets pretend you are not bitter about something

      Tut - so bitter - did Oracle refuse to give you a job?

    2. Anonymous Coward

      Larry sold $109M this week

      Looks like he is the only one that walked away from Oracle world richer

  3. Anonymous Coward

    re: Allison Park

    Spout your bitter lies somewhere else. No ones buying your FUD here.

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