back to article Quantum falls for RDX

Quantum has signed up with ProStor to OEM its RDX removable disk drive, giving ProStor a virtual monopoly of the disk-based removable storage market for small and medium businesses. Quantum's history is that of a tape storage vendor that used to develop and maintain its own proprietary DLT format but has had to adopt the all- …


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  1. Kurgan

    RDX? Fail!

    Using removable hard disk is a nice and simple idea for backups. But pricing them like they were made of gold is not so nice, since the "bay" is nothing more that a plastic box with a slide for the cartridge to go in, and the cartridge is nothing more than a box with a notebook hard disk in it.

    When I first saw them, at an exhibition I thought it was a nice idea, then I asked for the price, and immediately thought it was going to sell about ZERO units for that price. I still use E-SATA or USB2 external hard drives for backup at small offices, and they come for less than half the price of the RDX.

    1. Gerhard Mack

      It's even better now.

      You can get E-SATA or USB2 Docking stations. No cartridge needed because the drive just slots in,

This topic is closed for new posts.

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