back to article Dell's Viking servers raid hyperscale data centers

The Data Center Solutions unit of server maker Dell – which does bespoke server design and manufacturing on behalf of a couple of dozen hyperscale customers – has kicked out a new server that packs a dozen single-socket Xeon servers into a single 3U chassis. This server chassis, named Viking, is based on a set of compact …


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  1. Trevor_Pott Gold badge



    This is exactly what I have been wanting for /years/. Please, please, PLEASE kick down to the SME market!

  2. Jon Massey

    Fan Sizes

    The fans are 3x 120mm not 3x 320mm. 320mm is over a foot in diameter, 3U is only 5.25"

  3. KjetilS
    Thumb Up


    I would definately buy one if the price was right

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