back to article Microsoft boss waves goodbye to biz division wonder kid

Stephen Elop’s tenure at Microsoft proved to be short and sweet. He arrived in time for the Windows Vista death march, followed by the happy-clappy launch of Windows 7, and then – as a last hurrah – the retail release of Office 2010 in June. As we reported earlier, Elop has now taken on the role of CEO at Finnish mobile phone …


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  1. Ralph B
    Thumb Down

    Could they make a worse choice?

    Because if you really want to sort out your mobile phone strategy you REALLY don't want to go to Microsoft for help.

  2. Shonko Kid
    Gates Horns

    Ballmer 'said' nothing...

    But shouted a helluva lot, and threw a couple of chairs around.

  3. Combat Wombat
    Black Helicopters

    He got a free ride to Finland

    He was sitting on the chair when Ballmer threw it!

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Nokia hasn't read /the book/ then.

    Good for him to get out before he's too tainted by being in that innovation blackhole for too long. How this american going to add something useful to a self-professed "very finnish" company is something else again. Adding "innovation"? Pah. His main job will be to cut superfluous management, so let's see if he has the spine to do that, and won't end up scaring the best of the workforce away. We'll see. Maybe nokia will even survive.

  5. pan2008

    Microsoft's trojan man

    Predict Windows phone 7 in nokias next year! WP7 is a credible platform and maybe with the bucks of microsoft can take off. Nokia will fit perfectcly as its trojan!!

  6. Goat Jam
    Gates Halo

    I may be mistaken

    but hasn't MS been beset by a couple of high level defections recently with the result being that their immediate responsibilities have now been reporting "directly to Mr Ballmer".

    Monkey Boy must be one of the busiest execs in corporate history these days with the legions of upper middle management that he is required to personally manage now.

    P.S. To El Reggers, where the hell are the Monkey Boy Icons? Bill's gone man! Bills gone . . .

This topic is closed for new posts.

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