back to article Halo: Reach leaked to net 3 weeks before release

The latest installment in the highly lucrative Halo game series for the Xbox 360 has been leaked to the internet three weeks before its official release date by fans who hacked a hair-brained method Microsoft used to secure review copies. Halo: Reach, the final chapter in the wildly popular first-person shooter series, is …


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  2. Donk

    Title should read...

    Idiots risk jail time to play yet another copy of a really bad FPS.

    The moderatrix should add a Gordon Freeman picture!

    1. Anonymous Coward

      The Title's fine...

      But that subtitle is crying out for: "Torrents teabag Microsoft Marketplace"

      Right. Mine's the one with the red ring of death in the pocket.

    2. raving angry loony

      nothing else needed...

      Now, if I could just afford to get the genius behind this paid to FINISH the damn thing, I'd be laughing. A lot.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        @nothing else needed...

        Perhaps a description of the video is needed for those of us behind office firewalls?

        1. CD001



    3. Daniel B.
      Thumb Down

      I can make my own Halo game.

      Just make a basic level design, 1 room.

      Then copy and paste the stoopid design over and over and over ... voila! A new Halo game!

      Really, the game's probably one of the worst FPSs I've ever seen, gameplay-wise and level design-wise. Doom 3 might have suffered from the "can't wield weapon and use flashlight at the same time", but Halo has a worse problem: "Only 2 weapons on you, dude!". That, and the life system sucks ass. Co-op sucks even MORE.

      These idiots deserve jail time, if not for piracy, at least for bad taste on games.

  3. Atli

    Publicity stunt...

    Most companies pay good money for their games to be talked about and trailers/teasers to be posted all over the Internet shortly before they are released.

    This is just a basic Microsoft publicity method: leak the stuff and make a big scene out of it. If a few teaser videos get posted on YouTube, all the better!

    1. A Non e-mouse Silver badge

      I think not...

      There's a difference between trailers/spoilers being published/leaked, and the full hacked game being available.

      If this was just a trailer being leaked, then I would agree with you about it all being about marketing. However, this isn't, and I can understand why MS are trying to stamp it out (Although, now it's on TPB, I'm not sure how successful they'll be...)

    2. Lionel Baden


      why are they being removed by request from microsoft ???

    3. Wize

      Does it have a multiplayer online version?

      Dunno if they can detect boxes with this modchip on their network, but if they release a hacked version that reports itself back to MS (could just be a flag set when connecting to multiplayer version) they can tell what machines have been modded and block them.

      1. A handle is required


        The multiplayer server doesn't usually go online till release.

        1. Wize

          But it will go online and people will try to connect with the pirate version...

          ...and thats when the trap is sprung...

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    ...allowing a torrent of the release into the wild? Isn't that a bit like keying your own car?

  5. Sir Runcible Spoon Silver badge


    If all the other releases got the same treatment, why are they worried? Or did it affect the sales figures of the first games somehow by having them release early to the pirate crowd.

    Why is it that these massive corporations seem to think that because pirates are people, that people are pirates.

    I did my fair share in my youth, just haven't bothered since I could afford them, same with a lot of people I expect.


    1. Lionel Baden

      have to agree

      It's not worth the effort any more :/

      i would rather just buy the game and be done with it.

      But i wonder why sometimes with the quality of the game !!!

  6. serviceWithASmile
    Thumb Up

    i saw the reach beta,

    it looked alright.

    the devs have apparently added such new and innovative features as puffs of dust when you shoot a bullet into a wall, more than 32 AI's on the same part of the game, etc.

    All so very impressive (in a 1998 kind of way). But not enough to make it worth paying for. I don't torrent (aside from linux distros :D ).

    I wonder if the game sales are not the blockbuster hit everyone is expecting, will microsoft blame the "pirates" responsible for this exploitation of their badly implemented security?

    nice one for doing so though, I have to say. made me smile :)

    on a side note, what's with all the moderatrix deletions today?

    microsoft-sponsored foaming-at-the-mouth fanboys swearing too much?

  7. Anonymous Coward


    Hmmm. Controversial, but I consider the correct spelling to be "harebrained", and probably without a hyphen. After all, it refers to having the brain of a hare (probably during the mating season). Although spelling of the name of the rabbit-like creature varied in the past, we've now settled on "hare", with "hair" referring to the organic threadlike structures one finds on the head (among other places). Sorry, I couldn't just let it go.

  8. Anonymous Coward


    I'd have thought that anyone daft enough to play this now will pretty quickly feel the full brunt of the ban hammer when it goes live officially. If you're excited enough to want to play it now and go through the fuss of downloading it, hacking your box etc then surely you'll want to actually play it when the rest of the world starts playing it online in which case why risk a lifetime ban?? Makes zero sense. Morons.

    Then again the same applies to de-levelers, hackers and all the other idiots who spoil it for everyone else in the strange manic pursuit of "rank" without actually being interested in you know, actually playing the game.

    Also I hope to god that Bungie have included an option to report someone for being a snot faced little yank teen who isn't old enough to be playing the game much less screaming "NOOB NOOB MOTHERFRACKIN NOOBS" at everyone when they don't let him win.

  9. Giles Jones Gold badge


    Stick it on a network and someone will figure out how to download it. If you really want to keep it secure then don't make it available for download! Have they not heard of RSA tokens?

    Also, review copies are where many of the leaks onto the Internet start from. DVD screeners were always popping up on the net.

  10. Jodo Kast

    M$ investigating reports

    Funny that Microsoft is 'investigating'. Sounds like they did it to themselves.

    Anyone have a review of the new game?

  11. LawLessLessLaw


    Did you mean: premature

    1. MinionZero


      Presumably a pre-mature version would be one with Beavis and Butt-head style humour in it. :)

  12. Henry Wertz 1 Gold badge

    Are they really

    expecting people to pay $1250 for it?

  13. Arnie

    jtag only tho

    you have to have a jtag'd xbox. which is not the easiest thing to come by. I'm led to believe that it needs to be an older xbox that still has the original dash and that has not been live for a couple of years. then its something like a 9 wire solder job. And then you can't go on xbox live. I dont think there are many of these boxes around and the ones that are will break so microsoft shouldnt have 2 much to worry about

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