back to article Jobs offers relief for iOS 4-running iPhone 3Gs

iPhone 3G owners who have installed iOS 4 and regretted it can take heart. Apple CEO Steve Jobs has apparently promised a software update "soon" that may bring the handset back up to speed. Not only the original iOS 4.0 update but also the subsequent 4.0.1 and 4.0.2 tweaks have failed to run as quickly on the 3G as iOS 3 - …


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  1. Sooty

    what they need to do

    Is provide a reasonably straightforward* way of downgrading again if you're not happy with an update. Even the restore function will upgrade rather than restoring the existing version.

    *I realise it is pretty straightforward if you know what you're doing, but the average user would benefit from an option direct through itunes.

    1. dave 93

      Jailbreak and downgrade

      Jeez, there's this thing called the internet - all the (very simple) instructions are there.

      It took about 20 minutes, not like the 2 hour upgrade to iOS 4!

      A fresh install of iPhone OS 3 and all my apps (albeit in alphabetical order?)


  2. F'tangF'tang

    3G Affected.. Not 3Gs

    Although my compass hasn't worked since updating the software on the 3Gs...

    Constantly asking to wave it in a figure of 8...

    1. Tony Smith, Editor, Reg Hardware (Written by Reg staff)

      Re: 3G Affected.. Not 3Gs

      Erm... lower-case 's' indicates plural, not that we're talking about the 3GS (capital 's').

      1. Andy ORourke


        You should have used an apostrophe as well, just in case :-)

      2. Anonymous Coward

        But don't forget, Tony...

        You have to make allowances for the fact* that half the population are now only semi-literate. They would (wrongly) be expecting to see an apostrophe as in "3G's" - me, I blame teh teechas!

        *as in "it must be true, I read it in the Sun / on Wikipedia / etc."

        1. Seanie Ryan

          @andy and AC

          since when is there an apostrophe in plurals? its usually used in places to denote ownership

          eg: the cat's bowl ( the bowl belonging to the cat)

          eg2 : the cats are black ( plural, no apostrophe)

          go learn engrish ! at least you have pointed our what half of the population you are in !!! ;-)

          1. Sean O'Connor 1


            Seanie, your sense of humour firmware needs an update.

  3. Giles Jones Gold badge

    To put things in perspective

    People may moan about the slowness, but there is at least a fix in the works. I can't think of many phone makers who would bother to support a two year old handset.

    Look at the poor HTC Hero owners, phone released July 2009, took a year before they got a 2.1 upgrade and 2.2 isn't planned. 2.1 apparently also erased all user data.

    1. Anonymous Coward

      REAL perspective

      Erm, no. Apple haven't confirmed anything (or even acknowledged a problem), there's just 3rd hand evidence of an email from Steve. I imagine his real thought is "just buy a new phone, not a big deal"

      The real perspective to have is not to rejoice at the fact Apple are "supporting" a 2 year old phone, rather they've effectively neutered the phone via the largely automated update process and then, as ever, gone dark as to whether the problem exists, and denied there being a way to go back.

      For me, I refused to upgrade my 3G having seen what it did to my partner's and friend's. This left me vulnerable to the PDF exploit, which I could either accept or jump on board with crippling my phone and hoping Steve Jobs may email me to hint at a possible fix. That's worse than no support.

      It's too late now anyway. I've finally taken the leap to jailbreaking and will never look back. The only thing I was missing for iOS4 was folders, and frankly I'm much happier to pay $0.99 for Categories SB. I'm also about to make the leap to $9.99 for wireless syncing - yet another lost revenue stream.

      And to think, about a year ago I'd probably have described myself as borderline Apple Fanboi. Where do I return my badge?

    2. Adam 38
      Jobs Horns


      Other handset makers wouldn't ever release such a shoddy patch, so you'd be able to use your 2 year old phone with 1 year old software. Apple, on the other hand, completely neuter your phone making it useless irrespective of what software it has.

  4. Pabs
    Thumb Down

    has the reboot problem fixed?

    My 3GS reboots during calls, and is unusable. From the Apple forums 4.1 doesn't seem to fix this issue....

    iOS4 pile of poo...

  5. Alan Denman

    Twice as fast.

    Although it will certainly be visually slower than OS 3 mass hypnosis affect will perceive it as faster.

    Hail the king of perception.

  6. Adam 38
    Jobs Halo


    It's just a little slow. Not that big of a deal.


    Sent from my iPhone 4


    Why is this fix taking so long? My 3G has been nearly unusable for nearly 2 months.

  7. manicseacreature
    Black Helicopters

    Forced me to upgrade the handset, grudgingly....

    Turning off multi-tasking specifically for 3G made me think that iOS4 had been optimised for the 3G too - after all Windows 7 had been shown to work better on older machines than Vista so that's not wholly improbable. I expected a bit of roughness around the edges but was truly astonished as to how badly the 3G fared and there's no easy way to downgrade again.

    I'd been planning to but a iphone 4 anyhow so this forced my hand to make the switch sooner, and I could only wonder if that was Apple's plan all along. My two year old handset was amazingly robust. Maybe the hardware was proving too durable for the software division's business plan, so they needed an upgrade to sabotage that legacy kit to force the upgrades.

    This pretty much had me shopping around for an Android handset, but none of these was quite what I was after and I also realised that I'd have to spend money on replacing all my apps. So I stick with Apple, but not at all happily.

    The penny drops. Welcome to the new world of smartphone ecos-systems. It will get to the point very soon where switching platforms will be as painful as going from a Canon to a Nikon SLR or Windows to Mac.

    All that said, the iPhone 4 has been an absolute dream to use and to own and far exceeded my expectations (as I imagine would any of today's top handsets compared to a three year old model).

    The point is, if you're buying in now for the first time, you should look very carefully at how well each of these brands aims to interact with its existing customers. Apple have set out their stall as being great for those who keep pace with their own corporate roadmap (a plan that will only work as long as the hardware continues to fulfil its promise). I'd be interested to see how things shape up with Google (and Android vendors) and Microsoft. We know about Apple now, but how will these alternative providers want their users to behave?

  8. Anonymous Coward

    I love these terse emails from Steve

    I love these terse emails from Steve: "Software update coming soon."

    I hope the reply was: "Not soon enough."

  9. JeffyPooh Silver badge

    New_and_improved signal bar display

    I live within sight of several cell towers, including the one operated by my carrier. It's almost certainly less than 1km away and perfectly located for maximum strength. I've always had full signal strength (all bars) on every device, no matter how I hold them. But the very latest iPhone update dropped the display on my 3GS back to 3 (and sometimes just 2) bars. Hilarious. An obvious fraud to cover up the iPhone 4 antenna fiasco.

    1. peter_dtm

      Aerial's near by means nothing

      Aerials on cell masts can be highly directional, they are capable of excluding/including diferent locations, eg a 'heart shaped ' coverage is easy.

      No defence of any 'phone, but just because you can see the back of someone else's head doesn't mean they can see you does it ? Its the same for (some) aerials.

  10. MAD
    Jobs Halo

    Reason to support

    It's in Apple's interest to support the iPhone 3G because 3G + iOS4 + iAds + iBooks + more supported apps = more money. Any older than the 3G, then they can encourage users to upgrade the handset resulting in, well, more money too.

    It's good news for 3G owners, but it's not exactly an act of kindness that's their motivation.

  11. Roger Gann

    The 3GS elephant in the room

    I´´m depressed that there´s no mention of a fix for a problem that has befallen 3GS owners foolish enough to upgrade to iOS4.n, that of the spontaneous random reboots of the phone during a phone call. The Apple iPhone discussion forum is bulging with over a thousand complaints (and heading for 200,00 views) from disgruntled owners - me included.

    Call me unreasonable but I do think it would be nice to be able to make uninterrupted phone calls with a phone every now and again.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      RE: The 3GS elephant in the room

      Mine is fine (and no it hasn't slowed down either).

      You hadn't done anything *dodgy* with it beforehand, had you?

  12. This post has been deleted by its author

  13. Anonymous Coward

    ... vote with your feet...

    ... go Android ...

    There's really no compelling reason for the "geek set" to stay with iPhone anymore - it's restrictive, controlling and above all else, too damn prevalent amongst the talentless marketing middle men monkeys.

    Anyone who wants a phone as a status symbol deserves to be lined up against the wall and pelted with specially crafted Steve Jobs Jobbies. Public humiliation is the only saving grace for these purveyors of pointless techno-babble, these mindless scrubbed faced pouting preening wankers, these 'trend-setting' tits without a cause.

    Wield your hammers against iPhones plonked on the pub table, crush them underfoot and let the great Google, friend of the geek, take arms against the marketing machine, the evil Apple, his almighty Jobiness, touting his wares like a cheap pimp trying to hook you onto a special brand of candy.

    Just say NO to the untold evils, the jack boot of technology, the stinking wave of technological shackles.

    OH yes, dear geeks, rise up against this tide of woeful poo, this turd posturing as a shining example of goodness, this pretender to the crown.

    Turn away from the Dark Side and open your mind to the Chocolate Factory, go Android I say!

    Rise up and embrace the light!

    1. Matt_payne666

      not so easy...

      Id love to move away from iPhone, but being a ipod owner since the mini came out, I have now amassed a collection of products explicitly designed for ipod/phone... No other phone integrates as universally well with 3rd party consumer electronics...

      Yes i can plug most phones into a hifi and listen to music, using the heaphone socket or USB connection - as a mass storage device... But my Iphone charges, is controlled by my steering wheel buttons, displays album art, playlists, etc on the car display and handsfree...

  14. dave 93

    Jailbreak and downgrade

    Jeez, there's this thing called the internet - all the instructions are there.

    It took about 20 minutes, not like the 2 hour upgrade to iOS 4!

    A fresh install of iPhone OS 3 and all my apps (albeit in alphabetical order?)


  15. k d


    Oh how I larf reading all these sad morose comments from the broken fanbois. The funniest one was the luser who upraded his hardware, talk about a slow learner. Surely Apple has no cool points left.

  16. John Murgatroyd


  17. lemon

    not too long

    hope this will not too long.


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