back to article Intel: dual-core Atom netbooks on sale now

Intel today lauded the arrival of netbooks based on its new dual-core Atom processor, the N550. It named Acer, Asus, Fujitsu, Lenovo, LG, Samsung, MSI and Toshiba as netbook manufacturers who are shipping N550-based machines "now and through the end of the year" - which essentially means you shouldn't expect to go out and buy …


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  1. Richard Boyce

    More hot air?

    I've given up waiting for these machines to arrive, especially one with the new version of ION support. Since no one has been selling such machines, Intel must have been doing something wrong. It remains to be seen if Intel has persuaded the manufacturers to produce significant quantities and that their press release is more than wishful thinking.

  2. Xappux

    Competition in the rear-view mirror

    Intel's been making a dual-core Atom, the 330, almost as long as the original N270 introduced two years ago.

    Okay so its TDP was a little higher; but the bigger reason for now letting Wintel netbooks finally go dual-core may be related to healthy competition from the iPad and impending ARM tablets...

  3. Robert E A Harvey
    Paris Hilton

    Is it me?

    or are these people a bit too far upthemselves?

    "Intel has reportedly said it doesn't mind N550 netbooks having displays of up to 12in,"

    Dear Mr Intel.

    I want to use your nice dual core chip in a device with a 13 inch screen and a detachable wireless keyboard.

    Dear Mr Harvey

    Sorry, we only want you to use that chip in devices smaller than that

    Dear Mr Intel

    Who is the product designer round here? Take your nasty dual core chip and re-package it up yourself.

    Dear Mr ARM

    I want to....

    Paris, 12 inch, etc etc.

  4. Matthew 4
    Thumb Up

    good news there

    dual core makes a huge difference when multitasking on small underpowered laptops - my sony TZ has a 1.2ghz dual core, and runs as well as a regular notebook under most circumstances.

    Might be able to save some money and just buy a netbook next time I upgrade

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Dual core, DDR3, 12" display... That's a laptop where I'm from.

    Shame that the OEMs are trying to kill the netbook concept.

  6. A B 3

    Check ebay for Netbooks

    Heaps of netbooks on ebay.

    Netbooks are so cheap that your usual store doesn't want to bother with them, not enough profit.

    If you trust ebay get one from there.

    I'm waiting for an Nvidia ion system with long battery life, that will be an awesome rig.

  7. Anonymous Coward

    Other applications

    How about a dual core sat nav - many have problems reading out directions and displaying the map - or re-calculating the route while showing a moving map etc.

    How a chip manufacturer can dictate where and how their chips are used is absolutely amazing. When I was at University, I could order a Motorola 68008 and use if for whatever I liked - even in devices where Motorla might have preferred me to use a 68000.

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