back to article Intel needs to rethink security to profit from McAfee buy

Intel's surprise $7.76bn acquisition of McAfee is not only the biggest pure-play security deal in history, but the most significant statement of intent by an IT superpower since Microsoft launched its Trustworthy Computing initiative back in 2002. Microsoft launched the initiative to develop products that are more secure by …


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  1. fishman


    Wonder if AMD will now be shopping for a security firm.

    1. The_Police!


      I doubt it, especially with their current financial status.

    2. Trevor_Pott Gold badge


      Better question:

      I wonder if a security firm will be shopping for AMD?

  2. Daniel 1

    There's a good time to explain your evil plan... and a bad time

    When the hero is strapped to the bench, with his bikini-clad accomplice handcuffed to a desk, and your satellite, about to unleash electric death on the world's superpowers...? That's a bad time.

    However, when standing up in front of your shareholders and the world's press, after farting-off more than one and three quarter times your entire last-year's profits, buying shares at twice their market value...? That's a good time.

    Intel seem to be letting the world's press run speculative articles about what their evil plan might be, right now, though - and no one seems too sure. Maybe the plan is just to piss off for the weekend and pick the best suggestion, anyone has managed to think of, come Monday morning?

    Or maybe it's just a case of: "Hey, it's Autumn! Let's invade Russia! What could possibly go wrong?"

    1. theblackhand

      The questions that need to be answered are...

      - Why McAfee and not one of the other AV vendors

      - Why so much money? Is McAfee with annual revenues of ~US1.6bn really woth more than Sun with annual revenue of ~US$11bn? (I realise this is simplified...)

      - Even with hardware integration of any of the existing features, I don't see this as something that would boost CPU revenues are allow them into the phone/low power CPU markets. A closed OS that is locked down seems to be a cheaper approach.

      - Will this go the way of the majority of Intels non-x86 related purchases and be sold off in 2-5 years after being sucked of all useful IP?

      Short of McAfee being on the verge of announcing the greatest security product ever that stops all viruses and spyware, can entertain the in-laws while you're having a pint at the pub with your mates and fixes the leaking kitchen tap, something doesn't seem right....

      1. Lance 3

        Highly doubtful

        They bought Network General, did nothing with the product. They did manage to continue to collect maintenance revenue and ship buggy software that one couldn't label a beta. Since that is how they ran their business, I can't see them ever innovating anything.

      2. Anonymous Coward

        @ theblackhand'll never work for handset stuff anyway, because this is Macafee we're talking about so it will need to run at 4ghz, will have 6 trillion transistors, a power window of 200-450 watts, and will need liquid cooling.

  3. Anonymous Coward

    Overheard at Intel HQ.....

    Intel CEO (getting on the phone) – “I’ve been reading about cyber-crime… I think we need some anti-virus.”

    Intel Staff - “Yes boss, will do!”

    A few hours later…..

    Intel Staff – “Done – we got you anti-virus. We chose McAfee. It is not as good as Symantec but it was cheaper.”

    CEO – “Uh…OK…. I’m not sure saving a few dollars matters but OK. What version did you buy”

    Intel Staff – “Version…....? Oh shit….”

  4. Dwayne
    Thumb Down

    Power, Performance, Protection...

    Pick two.

  5. The Original Steve


    How about they create a lovely fast ASCI as part of their mobo designs that CAN be licenced out to other competitors.

    That way AV just runs a LOT quicker, and obviously McAfee will take advantage of this. Other 3rd parties can too but as obviously Intel/McAfee will have the upper hand and be first to market...

    E.g. doing a Microsoft in hardware...

  6. Anonymous Coward

    time to ditch your intel shares

    after two almighty AV screwups last year and again this year many corporates are looking to ditch McAfee when their licenses come up for renewal. Looks like it's time to sell intel

  7. JustMathew
    Thumb Up

    @Anonymous Coward Overheard at Intel HQ....

    Bastard! You owe me a keyboard! ;-)

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