back to article Smartphone boom drives media multi-tasking

The communications regulator Ofcom has released its annual megadump of industry statistics and factoids, and is highlighting that we're using the internet more and using multiple communications services at the same time more often too. Multi-tasking, where users might make a phone call while surfing the net, for example, now …


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  1. Semaj


    "more older people are getting online"

    No, they are dying and previously middle aged people are ageing to replace them. It's rare for people to try anything drastically new. The only reason for this surge is that we're getting to the point that those who were at the top end of middle age when everyone started to use the Internet are now getting to be in their 60s. Give it another 30 years so it'll be hard to find someone who hasn't "grown up" around technology then the results will be more interesting.

    That's if the machines don't kill us all by then (though personally I'm hoping for zombies but you have no icon for that).

  2. Was Steve

    Shockingly unrealistic

    I took part in the survey that gathered the data, total ball ache, but at least I came out with £30 worth of Amazon vouchers. However, what really shocked me was Ofcom/Gfk's utterly unrealistic idea of how people use computers and the internet. "Using the internet" is seen as a discreet task that is distinct from "Using a computer". Worse apparently Ofcom/Gfk think that most people actually think "I know, I'll just randomly browse YouTube/Vimeo/etc for the next x minutes!" and have structured the questions around this accordingly.

    Also if you filled the survey in accurately it took more like 20-30 minutes to do, rather than the 5-10 promised, which leaves you with an interesting dilemma: do you record the time taken to fill in the survey...

  3. Tigra 07 Silver badge
    Jobs Horns

    Roll on the zombies

    "Smartphone boom drives media multi-tasking"

    It doesn't include iphones then since they can't multitask

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