back to article Michael Dell snubbed by quarter of his shareholders

A quarter of Dell's shareholders have withheld support for reinstating company founder Michael Dell as chairman of the company. Although the shareholder vote, detailed in an SEC filing, will have no immediate impact it is a big psychological blow - shareholders typically vote in favour of directors' resolutions, or don't …


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  1. Robert E A Harvey

    Fairs Fair

    I expect that 25% of his customers would want to shun him too. I wonder if the shareholders have a telephone help line like the rest of us get?

    Jimmy Edwards, 'cos Dell deserve a dose of Wack-ho!

  2. RichyS

    Dingle Dell

    Don't tell me... Michael Dell still owns 75% of the stock in Dell.

  3. Daniel 1

    A pretty state of affairs

    When a company amounts to a label, named after a man, how much is the label worth, once you decide you no longer like the man?

    I wouldn't be voting, with my shares, by that stage; I'd be looking for a buyer for the things.

  4. JaitcH

    Dell the man, besmirched his own reputation and that of his company

    It's one thing for, say Bernie Ebbers, to use Worldcom as a fraud but when you do it it in your own name as well as the company bearing your own name it's worse.

    Nothing with Dell on it will be purchased by my company, neither will we recommend them to our customers.

    I doubt if Dell, the man, would recognise a moral is was slapped in the face with one.

  5. ian 22

    Political baggage

    Dell Corp. are huge contributor$ to the conservatards of the Republican Party. The snubbing 25% at a guess would be Democrats.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Ya think?

    Gee, why wouldn't shareholders be happy to take a financial bath because of fraund and Dell's accounting and soon to be legal issues?

  7. technome
    Jobs Halo

    Can I be the first to say...

    ... that he should sell the company and return the money to the shareholders?

    Probably not, but I'll say it anyway.

  8. Doug Lynn

    Last I heard Dell is #3, HP #1, and Acer #2

    They are just mad because Dell is slipping. Acer bought Gateway, Emachines, Packard Bell and others and became #3 and Dell slipped because of HP sales. But the real #1 is the combine sales of guess who? Independent computer resellers at 40% of the computer market while HP, Acer and Dell, etc share the remaining 60%!!!

This topic is closed for new posts.

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