back to article Vodafone tunes Wi-Fi hotspot dongle

It's got a Micro SDHC slot and the ability to share an HSDPA 3G connection with up to five devices over 802.11b/g Wi-Fi - yes, it's Vodafone's Wi-Fi R201 mobile hotspot. Vodafone R201 The R201 is the carrier's answer to the likes of Three's MiFi - aka the Huawei E5, reviewed here - though it's not the first time Vodafone has …


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  1. David Beck


    Why wouldn't you just use the wifi hotspot in your phone?

    1. Dino Saur

      egocentric thinking

      If you are the only person needing a connection, then that is a possibility. As some else says, you might not want to leave you phone at home so that you kids can surf the interweb thingy.

      I can also see a bunch of business applications, like instant LAN for off-site meetings or temporary buildings. Of course, you might do this with one phone as a hotspot, but that might involve a lot of set up of security if you don't want every nearby hacker to listen in.

  2. Bassey

    Re Huh?

    I know a few people that live in in places without broadband (and they aren't particularly far from a main town). This would actually be quite a reasonable way of getting pseudo broadband wi-fi. In that instance, you wouldn't want to have to leave a phone on, plugged in and at home all the time,

  3. Dino Saur

    Answer to Huawei E5

    "The R201 is the carrier's answer to the likes of Three's MiFi - aka the Huawei E5"

    If you click the link you can see this is another Huawei device (look at the instructions for inserting the SIM card.

    Don't know which device it is, but it could be the E5 in a Vodafone customised box. In which case their answer is "me too". More details on the difference in spec would be nice if you can find them.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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