back to article Network Solutions pulls widget that tainted up to 5m websites

Network Solutions has admitted that a software widget designed to help small business to build websites was contaminated with malware. The domain name registration and hosting firm has pulled the offending widget and published an advisory on its blog that provides some guidance to customers but fails to explain either how the …


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  1. Jim Kirby

    No Suprises, really

    I guess if you've got the world by it's (.com) balls, you don't really have to give a shit about anything else.

  2. Anonymous Coward

    Poluting the net with crud

    Isn't that what NS does anyway?

  3. Steve Roper
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    No surprises here

    NetSol have been a bunch of shonks from day dot. I still remember the scam they pulled a few years ago, where if you searched a domain on their site to see if it was taken, and it wasn't, their system automatically registered it on the spot so you couldn't then register it through any other provider - you had to buy it from them, and not at the cheapest price either. Not to mention the pushy hard-sell 50-page click-through offers you had to go through just to get your domain name. Or the 6-month lock-in that prevents you from transferring to another registrar within that period, even if you sold the domain name - forcing your client (or you, if you bought the domain from a NetSol victim) to maintain an account with them. Their whole approach just reeked of spam and scam.

    My company hasn't dealt with those crooks for years. And it's par for the course that their system was loaded with malware. It fits in with their entire ethos (or lack thereof).

  4. Phil Koenig

    Into the dustbin with them

    After having become thoroughly disgusted with NetSol back in the days before Verisign got involved, I never had much interest in doing any future business with them.

    Then after the various divestments, re-acquisitions, etc etc, I was mildly curious if they would ever escape from their well-deserved sordid reputation.

    It looks like this debacle pretty much seals their fate. It's time to relegate them to the dustbin of history..

  5. Netsolcares

    Update on Network Solutions Malware Issue

    Hi, I am with Network Solutions and want to assure you that we are working on this issue and have additional clarifications and updates at . Please note that this has NOT affected 5M sites as reported online. Our preliminary analysis is that the potential affected under construction web pages was less than 120k around the time of detection of the malware. Please visit for frequent updates and a FAQ on the issue. We understand your frustration and want to re-assure that we are doing everything we can to protect our customers. Thank you. –Susan Wade

    1. Jim Kirby
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      Well, that's ok then...

      So, only 120,000 sites were dishing malware and not 5,000,000? I fail to see how that make things any better. 0 malware serving sites would be more appropriate.

      I don't believe I'm out of line when I say we should expect more from the company that runs .com and .net. Unfortunately, as previous posters point out, and my own history with the company shows, this is simply par for the course.

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