back to article Nokia betas Craigslist for the third world

Nokia has started testing Nokia Listings in India - a service much like Craigslist, only without the internet. Instead of expecting users to have computers, or even smartphones, Nokia Listings uses GPRS and runs on Series 40 handsets to provide information to the barely-connected. The service can even fall back on SMS …


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  1. MacroRodent Silver badge


    "The application comes, unsurprisingly, from Nokia‘s Betalabs, and has little obvious revenue potential"

    This misses the fact that GPRS and SMS data usage brings revenue to the network operators, and Nokia, like all other telecom equipment makers, is marketing to those parties as well. So a feature like this might increase the odds of the operator bundling Nokia handsets, and more mobile data usage helps NSN sell gear.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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