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It might look like Nokia's high-powered, business-centric E72, but the C3 offers a stripped-down spec with a price to match and the emphasis on social networking with a full, hard-key Qwerty keyboard. Nokia C3 Key feature: Nokia’s C3 The Nokia C3 isn't exactly tiny at 116 x58 x 14mm and 114g but its tapered edges mean it …


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  1. blackworx

    Missing keys

    "the loss of two keys – exclamation mark and apostrophe"

    Don't know whether to be happy or sad. On the one hand it might help curtail exclamation mark abuse, but on the other...!!!!11

    1. Doozerboy

      Why is the title required?????????


      By the looks of the keyboard it, it'll be !!!!!??????

      Plenty of scope for misconstrued emails/texts there.......

    2. Astarte

      Exclamation Mark and Apostrophe

      Mr Oliver,

      Er, I know I'm not always quite sane but aren't those two 'missing keys' perching like parrots on the shoulders of the 'Question Mark' and 'L' keys, eh? Come on, tell me they're not.

      They are not missing, they just need the shift key. And claiming that "Handy punctuation like @ and the full stop have their own keys" is not true because they are also shared.

      1. Nigel Whitfield.

        I think the point ...

        ... is that they don't need modifiers to access them.

        It's always struck me as decidedly odd that the Blackberry, that most e-mail-centric of devices, requires a modifier key to get at the @, which shares a key with P.

  2. neb
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    ...the missus's birthday present sorted then

    pink to match her new ironing board cover

  3. Matt_V
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    Is it just me or do nokia seem to be getting their act together a bi, especially with affordable handsetst? As much as I love my HTC Legend (and I do) sometimes the call of the keypad on the C5 is quite strong, especially for writing texts!

  4. Lottie

    I have a soft spot for Nokia

    It looks like they're making a small comeback.

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    1. Lamont Cranston
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      I got an E63 from 3,

      which is like an E71 without the GPS, and it's no great loss - I've got Google Maps working as a pedestrian navigation aid, and triangulation of location using mobile transmitters has done the job for me so far.

      I'd say this looks like a decent little handset, probably would have tempted me if it had been £30 cheaper.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward


        Triangulation using mobile towers is piss poor normally... What you may be seeing is using the wifi router mac addresses that the naughty Streetview cars logged?

        1. Lamont Cranston

          I find the triangulation is usually sufficient,

          even if it puts me in a different street to the one that I know I'm on - blindly following directions into fast moving traffic is not a mistake that I'm likely to make!

  6. Magnus Ramage

    Nice handset, pity about the 3G

    The use of S40 instead of S60 on this kind of handset seems entirely sensible. I have a fairly low-end S60 handset (Nokia 6210) and it really doesn't add much to what S40 brings for things like simple browsing, email etc. But the lack of 3G seems a real loss for a data-centric handset. Seems to limit severely what you can do with that impressive keyboard. I guess it keeps the price down, though.

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  7. thesykes

    Even better...

    Argos are doing it on Vodafone for £79.99 in black or pink.

  8. zaax

    pointless with out 3g

    Without 3g and mobile surfing it's pointless.

  9. Matthew Malthouse

    What's it's market?

    80 squids might have been tempting but all those interweb toys yet no 3G? No sale.

    1. thesykes

      Re: What's it's market?

      Possibly people like me. I don't need ultrafast mobile internet, as I would only use it every now and then. I don't want to spend more than £80 on a phone, I don't need a fashion accessory, I need something that wil llet me make and receive phone calls and send the odd text. I also need something that will synch with Outlook, something Nokia's do very easily. I've tried Samsung, never again, Apple? Far too expensive, a cheap Android? From what I can gather, no synching without selling your soul to Gmail first. If someone out there could create an app that works as well as Nokia PC Suite has for me over the years, I'd think about going Android.

  10. Robert Forsyth

    Small screen: no need of 3G

    and on a train from suburbs to London 3G is only there half the time, although is you are lucky the train has WiFi.

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