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Left, right, jump, push, pull. As far as mechanics go, they are some of gaming's oldest conventions. In its 2D salad days little else was needed to captivate players the world over. But then 2D almost did a Dodo around the mid-1990s, as developers migrated from the plane to the shiny new third co-ordinate. Limbo Rock and …


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  1. Rich 30


    This game looks really, very beautiful. But... £10 seems a bit steep to me. Maybe for a fiver?

  2. Steve John
    Thumb Up

    Looks brilliant...

    ... hope it comes to PC or PS3. Don't have an XBox.

  3. StooMonster
    Thumb Up

    Got this, it's brilliant

    Not only does it look lovely, it's amazing how gruesome silhouettes can be, but the puzzles are fun to solve too.

    Up there with Braid and Shadow Complex as highlights of Xbox Live DLC.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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