back to article Sky announcement on Easynet sell-off expected by Thursday

Sky is expected to finalise a deal for a management buyout of its networking business Easynet by the end of this week. The firms declined to comment for our story yesterday regarding ongoing negotiations between Easynet's CEO David Rowe and CTO Justin Fielder, and Sky. However, following publication Easynet wrote to all staff …


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  1. Bill Cumming
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    As long as it's a management buy out...

    ...and not selling it off to a company like "Talk Talk" then EasyNet network will survive.

    UKOnline has been one of the best ISP i've been with in years! Great UK based staff who actually know their network, you talk to a professional when you ask for help, not a guy in a call center reading from a script!

    1. dogged


      are, indeed, great. I wouldn't change.

      The only problem is that I can't get Sky bundle deals because I refuse to move from UKOnline to Sky/Easynet with all the incompetence that goes along with such a move.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Hmmm does this mean...

        ... that we will lose access to the Easynet escalation techies like Dan? ie the people who can actually go look at the network/your connection in real-time and not give you a load of bullshit?

        If so I reckon my days at UKOnline are numbered. It has been the best ISP I have ever had - with the exception of a few weeks where someone had forgotten to resize the dynamic IP VC from our exchange to cope with the Skytards. Dan sorted that by just moving me to static IP (well into that pool anyway). No drama, no fuss, no jumping through script hoops. Even with the problems I still got a decent 2Mbps rate so not the end of the world, was a bit irritating compared to the 18Mbps I usually get (old product before they capped it at 16Mbps).

        1. Anonymous Coward


          So they fucked up the DHCP, took a few weeks to fix, dropped your speed by several hundred percent and you still thik they are the best?

          Christ I'd hate to see what pisses you off!

          1. Anonymous Coward
            Anonymous Coward


            Anything to do with the nightmare that is the current BT-provided & resold system really. With a few notable exceptions all that's going to happen to you is that you'll be constantly misled and usually actively lied to - ie oh its BTs fault, when half the damn time they haven't even reported the fault to BT.

            Take our neighbour for example. BT (ISP side) told him for years that all he could expect in the evening was 1-2Mbps because of noise on line/line quality (aluminium etc)/congestion/contention/you name it. Years. The whole time of course Be, UKOnline, Sky and a few other unbundled operators were available. He moved at my prompting. BT tried to tempt him back by saying they could now offer him 7Mbps - he gets 21Mbps from Be now. Now he didn't get 21Mbps at first, he got 9Mbps but Be progressed the obvious fault on the line where BT (ISP not Openreach or whatever they're called this year) hadn't. He didn't want UKOnline as its Murdoch :)

            I only noticed the issue with UKOnline a couple of weeks after it started - was busy at the time. First line support gave me the usual load of guff* so I jumped to Dan who worked it out within a couple of emails - few days since I didn't have the time for calls. Wasn't a major issue but was nice to avoid the scripts. In terms of real time spent sorting it - 25 mins or so.

            *they're a bit better now - I think back in 2008 there was some overlap with Sky support. There currently isn't but...

  2. lotuswolf
    Dead Vulture

    "We are unable to respond at present"....

    .......They're too busy inking the paperwork for the sale.


    - Senior management getting pay rises and bonuses

    - Redundancies

    - Downsizing

    - Existing staff workloads going through the roof (You now wear 4 hats, not just one, remember

    - "the company has the right to ask you to do other little bits and pieces beyond your normal contracted role"

    - "We expect flexibility from employees"

    - Escalation techies like Dan and anyone else with any decent experience in the business will disappear and be replaced by "Davide" who has worked in telecomms for 5 mins and is on a 10th of the pay of the previous staff.

    - Call queues where there weren't any before

    - Increased network outages because the company has lost direct access to the network and the "men who can"

    - "Refocusing of the business"

    - Outsourcing

    Followed by a slow death and sale of the brand name and IP and finally closure of all offices linked with the business and redundancies for all.

    1. Trevor_Pott Gold badge


      Blasphemy! That never happens. The almighty dollar, the market and the holy spirit of competition always ensure that there is a viable economic reason to think of the long term, the customer and strategic investment instead of quietly bonuses and golden parachutes.

      Your cynicism makes you a pinko/commie/liberal/[Fox News commentator's insult of the day].

      Also: Damned if you aren't right on the money.

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