back to article IBM zEnterprise 196 mainframe due July 22

The System z11 mainframe announcement date has been set for July 22, as expected, and Rod Adkins, general manager of IBM's Systems and Technology Group, and Steve Mills, general manager of Software Group, will host a shindig in New York debuting Big Blue's so-called "system of systems." As El Reg already reported, the System …


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  1. Pony Tail

    The best system in the market expandes it's value

    The mainframe is the most respected system in most data centers. The discipline and management is why it is the mission critical and strategic system of choice. This sounds like it will help with the nightmare most customers have with "distributed" systems. I for one have always had the most respect for centralized systems. Larry has customers over a barrel and is becoming the new Computer Associates in the industry. IBM is fair, has the best technology and is not trying to lash together technology to charge customers millions in RAC software.

    It was fun while it lasted, but dont trust Larry.....your company should not be paying for the Americas cup.

    1. Matt Bryant Silver badge

      RE: The best system in the market expandes it's value

      Looks like Allison Park has got an alternative forums login. Still the same marketting bumph posted, though.

  2. John Savard Silver badge


    Since IBM charges more for zArchitecture cycles than for PowerPC cycles - but sells zArchitecture cycles at a discount in "zIIP"s, this is the logical conclusion - it lets them charge more for computing power on the zArchitecture, that lets people use certain desirable IBM and third-party software, but it also lets people who want mainframe security also buy computing power for other tasks at competitive rates.

    I would have preferred them to sell zArchitecture cycles competitively, making it the standard instead of x86 - but it's hard to persuade people to pay what it's worth for software, so such contrivances seem necessary.

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