back to article UK retailers want more XBox 360 stock. Now!

Looks like UK launch day for the Xbox 360 S on Friday was a commercial hit, with retailers selling out shipments within hours of opening. Now they are reporting difficulties in re-stocking the redesigned console, according to the games site Electronic Theatre. So either they got the estimates of demand wrong, or much less …


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  1. hplasm Silver badge

    It is always a good idea, particularly for XBox-

    To have plenty of spares in stock.

  2. adam payne Silver badge

    Restricting stock

    At the launch of a new console (I use new console as a loose term) there are always stock issues. These hardware companies restrict stock to try and increase demand (the old if it's out of stock then it must be good!).

  3. dogged

    "much less likely"

    Was that sarcasm?

    Are you suggesting that Microsoft have been borrowing PR-stunt tips from Apple and Nintendo?


    360 s

    sorry but i have no reason to upgrade or buy a new console. i have the 360 elite 120gb model and it only suffered 1 red ring which i wasnt happy about so if it happens again i will not be buying a new 360 ever il be moving back to sony once my 360 blows up. if its covered under warrentry then its fine but after the warrentry goes then the console will probably end up in the bin the games will end up been traded in for sony games.

  5. Anonymous Coward

    Problem for Microsoft is...

    That almost all those sales are to existing Xbox owners replacing old models and purely because the old model was so rubbish in terms of reliability.

    They aren't growing the business in terms of users, only in terms of consoles... I'm sure they will try and spin it otherwise, but it must be worrying times, what with Kinect turning into a train-wreck.

    1. James 6

      Almost all?

      What do you base that assumption on? Why would any sensible person (therefore xbox fanbois not included) buy a effectively the same thing in a new box because it *might* be more reliable?

      Unless their previous xbox had completely failed, which I doubt is most of the buyers of the redesigned xbox.

    2. dogged
      Thumb Up

      wall of text critis for 90000

      Dude, your post reads like someone entirely suited to a Playstation.

      1. DEAD4EVER


        dude i first started with sony i been with sony most of my life i decided to get a 360 to see if it was any better but clearly it hasnt. so il be going back to sony once my 360 dies

This topic is closed for new posts.

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