back to article ICO repeats jail call as complaints soar

Complaints about potential privacy violations soared by 30 per cent last year, according to regulator the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO). Complaints about public bodies' failure to comply with the Freedom of Information Act jumped by 20 per cent. The ICO is responsible for ensuring that organizations keep in line with …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Credibile words or not?

    "I continue to believe that the courts should be able to impose a custodial sentence, where appropriate, to tackle the unlawful trade in personal data that is the scourge of the digital world. Data theft is no victimless crime."

    Yeah. As if. I'll only believe they're serious when the boards of Phorm and BT have the heads of their respective board members nailed to the floor for just this kind of activity over Webwise.

  2. JimmyPage Silver badge

    Totally agree

    without severe penalties, no-one will take data protection seriously.

    Any government department which loses unencrypted data should be subject to CRIMINAL sanctions - yes jail time. They hold data the public had no choice over giving to them.

    Commercial entities should be required by law to inform customers if they lose data.

    There should be a set value for the inconvenience of changing bank cards etc. People should be able to sue in the Small Claims Court for this value.

    Then we might see some results.

  3. david willis


    Having witnessed senior managment contempt for information security, the basic lack of staff understanding about confidentiality and security and in some cases sheer incompetance in handling both highly sensitive and highly confidential information I would recommend the ONLY way forward would be the threat of incarceration.

    But I'm sure that even if jail were threatened it would never actually be imposed.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Funding is funding, or is it

    'Graham also reiterated his view that the ICO should be funded more transparently and should report directly to Parliament, rather than to a Government department, as is currently the case'

    Unless the private sector is funding the ICO, I fail to see what diference transparant funding will make. Accounts and budgets within the ICO would reveal the level of funding anyway, so the Audit Office would know how much they get, even if the ICO don't.

    As for reporting to Parliament, doesn't that turn them into a department that has to bend with the latest political wind (often from the nether regions), but I suppose it would make the current situation official.

  5. Anonymous Coward

    do your F**king job

    If the ICO did the the job they are paid for then maybe I would care what they had to say


    Google spying

    Loss of data by government

    NOTHING DONE, no Investigations nothing

    The sooner they are disbanded the better


    The problem is the ICO

    They openly admit to their own incompetence, claim to be under resourced, and lack independence according to EUFRA.

    Examples where they have taken no action are becoming legend. T-Mobile, Argos, Streetview to name a few. And BT/Phorm to name one particularly flagrant example of malicious criminal misconduct that is still unpunished.

    Until the ICO DPA staff are replaced by competent, well funded, trustworthy people with the cojones to use the powers given to them... the underlying cause of the problem remains.

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