back to article Loons speak brains on gov Treasury crowdsource site

In the least shocking news of the day, it appears that the government's latest internet loon-magnet is attracting an awful lot of lunatics. The Treasury's Spending Challenge site was supposed to be a way for the great British public to create a wonder-Wiki of savings ideas for the coalition government. There's no denying it is …


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  1. Downside

    Better than B3TA

    Thanks so much for that website - it's a complete laugh!

    But is is set up by the government? Seriously? If so, this country is in serious trouble; we are being run by retards.

  2. Gordon is not a Moron

    Just wondering if

    the Daily Wail has managed to link it's own festering hate-filled mesage boards directly to the government sites.

    1. guybles


      Thoughtfully, some bright spark has already started labelling various suggestions (using the term in the losest possible sense) with the "daily mail" tag:

      Makes it a lot easier to identify the people with rabid mouth froth.

      Interesting just how many involve the word "immigrant". I think I can already hear the strains of Tomorrow Belongs To Me...

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Public or Pubic or Publc

    It is a stupid and cheap way to give a false sense of democracy whilst quietly wrecking publc services

  4. Anonymous Coward


    Seriously Oats, stop copying and pasting your articles from the Daily Mail. Normally you are better than this.

    You (like them) fail to mention that although there are a lot of terrible ideas, those ideas are mostly being discussed rationally and either have very low votes or many comments saying how bad an idea it is.

    What would you rather have? A board where the public can submit their ideas for moderation but only those that will definitely be done are approved for discussion or should they just not bother even trying anything new and stick to the old Labour ways? Ignoring everyone and giving all our cash to scum or spending it on new CEOP databases. I guess at least that would keep you whining reporters in jobs.

  5. Anonymous Coward


    The "Your Freedom" website has cannabis back on the tag cloud. Huh. Surprisingly (unlike the posters) the ideas aren't half-baked: Legalise, Tax, Regulate with the added bonus of ridding the legal high market of it's business.

    *reaches for smoking jacket... i think there's a lighter in here somewhere... rummages*

  6. blackworx

    Your Freedom

    I love the fact that the YF site is supposed to be about suggesting laws we want to be rid of and yet instead it seems to be full to the brim with suggestions for new ones.

    Proof, if ever it was needed, that we really do do it to ourselves.

    Hehe, I said doodoo. Snigger.

    1. Number6

      Laws and Freedom

      I think there are only two laws worth adding - the first limits the number of laws allowed, so that once it's reached they have to scrap an old one to add a new one, the second is to put a best-before-date on all legislation, so that after 5/10/20 years it expires unless debated and approved for an extension by both Houses of Parliament. This would eventually achieve the first aim, when they're spending all their time renewing old laws and don't have time to create new ones.

  7. breakfast

    One way to save money...

    Rather than working with real end users why not just pipe the output from the Twat-O-Tron straight into the input for the site? Same content, much time and effort saved.

    That said, the bigotry is only about half the content - there's a lot of middle class pocket-lining as well and a few very well reasoned discussions. Interestingly you'll surprisingly often find a thought-through and interesting argument behind a title that sounds like it's going to be the wildest rantings of a boggle-eyed red-faced foaming lunatic.

  8. Simplepieman

    Here's one suggestion that might just work...

    Found one suggestion that seems to be reasonably sane if not a little optimistic:

    Competitive Innovation - pay several smaller IT companies to demo system solutions and choose from the best instead of paying the "big four" (5, shurely?) £30m a pop

    So if we all vote this one up the gov can still ignore it since everyone knows the Tory party just like the last government are all bankrolled by big biz and there's too much dosh at stake for them to lose...

  9. The Mysterious Panda
    Paris Hilton

    Already taken some down the one suggesting open access to bukkake sessions with the Queen...

    Paris, just... because.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Already taken some down

      This is begging to be said

      >open access to bukkake sessions with the Queen

      Which queen? I'm sure there must be quite a few who wouldn't be greatly opposed to the idea.

  10. David McMahon

    Employ Crocodiles in immigration offices!

    Has to be my favourite! :)

    Sounds like a sketch show, genius!

  11. John Greenwood 1

    Serious or pisstake?

    Can't work out if some of these are genuine fucktards thinking they are sensible suggestions, or (hopefully) people just taking the piss.

    The best 2 posted in the last 5 minutes:

    Sponsorship or Advertising on Army Tanks

    The Poster lesliecowe thoughtfully mentions that "Obviously any advert needs to be vetted so that it doesn't offend Muslim sensibilities." and the implementation suggestion that "Graphics will need resistance to combat conditions"

    But greatest idea so far:

    Blair/Brown/Mandy cage fight on pay per view

  12. Rogerborg

    Might as well get our money's worth

    The search is down, but I did like the motions to repeal the laws of gravity and thermodynamics.

    Note that doing so would be marginally less difficult than an Ordinary Decent Briton managing to remain aware of all the laws that are currently in effect, and their practical interpretation by the various incarnations of the State.

  13. Anonymous Coward

    @rogerborg et al

    Please ask Ordinary Decent Briton, currently waiting for results of his GCSEs, to describe laws of gravity and thermodynamics. :-) Relatively speaking, it's not an e = mcc issue, (and _that's_ probably a cricket question on this year's syllabus)

    Seriously, surely "loon shall talk sh*t unto loon" is better than "local council shall interpret anti-terrorism legislation to spy on parents who want the best for their kids" ? Also, it's a better use of money than "nation shall spend £12bn on Richard s - sorry, on consultants - to run NHS IT project that the professionals have been able to see for years was going to be a screw-up"

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