back to article Digital ad portrayed Catholic Queen as 'flesh-eating zombie'

The UK's ads watchdog has slapped down the London Dungeon for running an animated ad on the tube which showed Mary Tudor, England's last Roman Catholic Queen, morphing into a flesh-eating zombie. The ad ran on digital billboards on the London Underground, with the text "New for 2010 Bloody Mary: Killer Queen At the London …


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  1. Thomas 18

    Stroke of Genius

    Fine them for not going to church ha ha, wicked but genius none the less.

  2. JaitcH
    Thumb Down

    Another agency for the chopping block?

    Ad supervision should be limited to accuracy of product claims. Besides this old queen is REALLY old, and dead, so no false product claims are involved.

    All these nanny agencies should be either eliminated or have their powers reduced, along with all those Waana-be-a-Plod community whatevers. No wonder government crippling the taxpayers of the UK.

  3. yoinkster


    I now want to see it, anyone know where I can lulz myself to death?

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Was looking for the "Click HERE to see the ad" link but you seem to have fortgotton to put one on.

  5. Anonymous Coward

    Where's Edmund?

    Blackadder and Baldrick always knew what to do about Brenda!

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    On current form..

    ..rebranding the Catholic establishment as flesh-eating zombies might make them more loved than with their secretive and paranoid paedophile profile image.

  7. The old man from scene 24

    Yes, this is a real religious persecution story...

    Honestly. Really. Take our word for it.

    The Anglican and Roman churches will be up in arms about it any time now... wait for it... wait for it...

    Wait, come back! Look, women bishops!

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Flesh eating - literal belief in transubstancination when taking the eucharist.

    Body of christ? No thanks, I've filled up on nuts

    The zombie part could be aimed at an adherant of any given docterine...and keeping it topical... who does legitimately deserve sucession rights in supposed democracy?

  9. DominicT

    Bizarre religious slant

    I don't quite understand the way this article concentrates on religion. And putting it in the title? This is a story about a scary advert. Why would Catholics complain, or even care? Did the writer grow up in Northern Ireland or some unevolved bit of Scotland where issues such as which branch of Christianity people believe in are even thought about?

    Yeah, she killed a bunch of people. So did other monarchs, for various reasons. We should be glad that "Strangely, there were no complaints from Roman Catholics". Is that 'strange'? It reflects well on modern Britain, where we've thankfully left that sort of mumbo-jumbo behind.

  10. nichomach
    IT Angle, Joe?

    We've kind of had a few hundred years to get used to the heretic tag; to quote St. Jobs "Not that big of a deal"...

    WTITA, because, well, really?

  11. The Vociferous Time Waster

    let me be the first

    to call for playmobile

    1. peyton?

      Maybe you're not Catholic?

      The religious slant is in the ad - she most likely was not randomly selected to be a flesh-eating zombie of all things - there is a joke there. And that allusion to a Catholic being a flesh-eating monster would be offensive to some Catholics. Google "transubstantiation" for more details.

      Not saying I'm bothered by it - just saying.

  12. Neil Barnes Silver badge

    UK's bloody religious conflicts as tourist fodder?

    Why not? Works for me - we may as well get some benefit from those religious idiots.

  13. Matt_V

    Bugger read it during lunch....

    "So even if she did have a taste for human flesh, it would have been cooked. Or at least smoked"

    New keyboard time.

  14. Michael 28

    I wasn't expecting the..... .....I'll come in and do that one again....

    I wasn't expecting the Spanish inquisition.!!

    Our chief weapon is ? anyone?

  15. Tron

    4 people complained...

    ... millions didn't.

    So, run that 'democracy/majority' thing past me again.

    If their kids are scared by that, they won't survive 5 minutes in secondary school when they get there.

    1. LuMan


      You're forgetting, Tron; 1 complainant = 50 million people. So, by that rationale, there were a total of 200 million people upset, offecnded, disgusted and mentally scarred by this advert.

  16. Anonymous John

    White flesh, rotting teeth

    Probably true. Two out of four isn't bad.

  17. Martin Howe

    It's still on the London Dungeon's YouTube channel

  18. Yet Another Anonymous coward Silver badge

    @Bizarre religious slant

    > It reflects well on modern Britain, where we've thankfully left that sort of mumbo-jumbo behind.

    Yep, can't imagine the depiction of any other religous figure, some prophet say, where this would have even made the local paper.

  19. FARfetched

    Bloody Mary… dang

    Now I've got that song from "South Pacific" stuck in my head.

    Mine's the one with the theater program in the pocket.

  20. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Just watched it.


    Why is the Alton Tower 13 advert allowed? As that's far more shocking. Tree tenticals and loli... That kind of thing would be illegal if it was drawn.

  21. John Savard Silver badge


    Since I'm sure that everyone in Britain is perfectly well aware that Henry VIII didn't receive a miraculous vision from God telling him that the Catholic Church had fallen away from the truth, or that he came to this conclusion from deep study of the Scripture - but, instead, the Church of England was founded for purely political reasons, I don't understand why the people of Britain haven't, by now, returned to authentic forms of Christian worship.

    If they feel there is something lacking about the Roman Catholic Church, they could always become Eastern Orthodox, or Protestants - instead of belonging to an imitation of the Catholic Church created by a tyrant - something that pretends to be a church, but is merely run by politicians.

  22. David Simpson 1
    IT Angle

    ASA - shut it down

    I love the people who reported it because it "might" scare children.

    Most children spend their weekends shooting zombies in games and are generally not as easily scared as most parents.

  23. Yet Another Anonymous coward Silver badge


    > returned to authentic forms of Christian worship.

    And since that is Judaism without the eye watering penis+knife thing, plus bacon butties - why not go back to the original ?

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