back to article 'Bitter' priest blows $1.3m of church funds

A "bitter" Connecticut priest blew $1.3m of his church's funds on "swanky hotels and male escorts", CNN reports. Father Kevin Gray, 64, is no longer a pastor at the Sacred Heart Church in Waterbury, having allegedly indulged in a spectacular, seven-year spending spree during which he splashed out on "fancy restaurants, …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    "because he felt the Church owed it to him."

    "Gray became very bitter with the church starting in 2001 when he was transferred to a parish in New Hartford while his mother was dying in New Haven. Mr. Gray stated that when he started in 2003, he began taking the money because he felt the Church owed it to him."

    Owed him $1.3m? Wow. Just... wow.

    1. Rob 30

      rational much?

      to be fair he is part of an organised religion, you should know better than to expect rational thought processes from such a person.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Rob - The bloke down the pub.

        Nice bit of intolerance and stereotyping there Rob.

  2. Anonymous Coward

    What beers?

    Beer... In this weather?

    G&T more likely. With lots of T and lots of ice...

  3. 7mark7

    A "routine audit"

    It took 7 years.

    Not really routine then.

    1. TimeMaster T

      Maybe ...

      They just didn't consider it big enough with everything else they kept finding. The hush money to keep things out of the papers, the out of court settlements, etc..

      Mines the one with the copy of "Going to Hell, and loving it" in the pocket.

  4. extensions TH

    Reverend Excesses

    Reg should look up the Vicar of Stiffkey for a GB home grown version. Died with his head in a lion's mouth too.

    1. Anonymous Coward

      Re: Reverend Excesses

      > Died with his head in a lion's mouth too.

      Or Loin in a head's mouth ? whatever.

  5. D@v3

    re Bootnote

    Beer o'clock? I like the sound of that.

    y'all enjoy your weekends now.

  6. Flugal

    The shock!

    What a shock that a man of the cloth should embark on criminal activities.

    The only real surprise is that a minor's rectum was not involved.

  7. Cameron Colley

    It was just resting in his account!

    He could have at least had the decency to spend it on GIRLS! and DRINK! though the ARSE!.

  8. Tom 7 Silver badge

    The church was annoyed

    he paid someone for sex rather than forcing himself on a chorister for free like the rest of em.

    I'll get my Luis Vuiton cassock!

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Cheaper than...

    I guess that works out cheaper than if he had been a child molestor.

  10. Alex Walsh

    Loving the tags

    "priest" and "larceny" glol.

  11. Daniel 32

    You've got it wrong...

    The money was just *resting* in his account...

  12. Red Bren

    He should follow Fr Ted Crilly's example

    The money was only RESTING in my account!

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    As the saying goes...

    Rob St. Peter to pay St. Paul. Or maybe it was gay reparations?

  14. Disco-Legend-Zeke


    ...wwww. Male Escorts.

    "Not that there's anything wrong with that." ...Sienfeld.

  15. Blake St. Claire

    An hour and ten minute drive

    Sorry for his dieing mother and all---

    TFA doesn't say where he was before they moved him to New Hartford, but New Hartford to New Haven is only an hour and ten minute drive from New Haven.

    Hardly what I would call an onerous burden -- I wish my mother had been that close when she was on her way out.

    And apparently at some point they moved him to Waterbury -- 30 minutes closer.

    Nope, don't feel too sorry for him. Amazing that he's being prosecuted. In my experience they usually let the b*stard retire quietly.

  16. Rombizio
    Paris Hilton

    Poor Church

    What a hell is the Church doing with 1.3 Million anyway? Aren't they supposed to be charity? If organized religion is a business like any other, they should pay taxes.

    Paris: because she likes fancy restaurants and new clothes.

  17. Blubster

    "priest blows $1.3m of church funds"

    Makes a change from blowing choir-boys.

  18. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    Good one!

    Good on him I say. If they're so lax as to not notice 1.3million missing, they don't deserve the money. At least he had a good time with it.

    1. Rune Moberg
      Thumb Up

      Finally, some church money spent on good

      He even paid for one of the escort's Harvard tuition.

      Traditionally, church money is earmarked for missionaries who travel to Africa in order to subdue the local populace there. Hospitals set up by missionaries refuse treatment to anyone who do not convert to their religion and missionary run schools sure as hell are not going to teach the scientific theory of Evolution, but stick with the fairy tales as told in the bible.


      I say this priest did good!

      1. Niall Mac Caughey

        Really? Evidence please

        I'm likely to be one of the last people to rush to the defence of the Catholic Church, but I have to draw the line here. My own education was carried out by a missionary order and the Biology curriculum was pure Charles Darwin.

        Similarly, I know some folks who went on the missions, misguided though they may have been, but they certainly didn't refuse treatment to anyone, simply because they didn't subscribe to their beliefs. Others of course may well have done.

        If you know of specific cases, then by all means Name & Shame my man. If not, then you may simply be airing your unpleasant prejudices here because you feel that you have an uncritical audience. If so, kindly shut the fcuk up!

        1. Shakje

          It seems like he's garbled together

          stories of the American deep South and Mother Theresa and come up with 3.

          Is it any wonder at all that religious people refuse to take anything certain atheists say seriously when people come out with this ignorant drivel?

          Sadface, because I try to get religious types to listen to me sometimes.

      2. Steve Gill

        Not all missionary hospitals are like that

        When I was working as a paramedic I came across no missionary hospitals behaving that way.

        As an example the Andara, Namibia, RC mission hospital always treated everyone that came to them regardless of race, creed, national origin or the medicine costs. The doctors were mostly German.

        No idea what the attached school was like.

  19. Elmer Phud

    Fnar, Fnar

    Splashed out --- male escorts

    I'll get me mac

  20. Richard Scratcher

    In the old days they'd have sent in......The Bishop!

  21. petep


    I wonder how much gaol time this common thief will serve?

  22. LINCARD1000

    Religious Hypocrisy

    So the church will hang this guy out to dry for stealing money, but carefully protects the priests who ruined the lives of so many children around the world (at a cost that cannot be reasonably comprehended using a dollar amount)?

    No sympathy for the priest, BTW - he's a douche-bag. Just the double-standards being shown by the church hierarchy grate against my sensibilities.

  23. Winkypop Silver badge

    Organised religion is a scam

    You can always tell, why?

    Because it was invented by humans and is run by humans.

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