back to article Cumbria massacre top cop also patrols cyberspace

The UK's top e-copper has been put under the microscope over his force's heavily criticised response to Derrick Bird's fatal shooting spree. Deputy Chief Constable (DCC) Stuart Hyde was the public face of the Cumbrian Constabulary in the days following Bird's murderous Lake District rampage. His boss, Chief Constable Craig …


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  1. Jamie Kitson

    Don't Really Get...

    why you're taking the piss. Sounds like not only is his heart in the right place, but his actions too.

    1. Dave Bell

      Potentially dangerous, but...

      Agreed, we could do a lot worse. There's aspects where it could backfire, but we sound to have somebody combining some practical knowledge with a sensible attitude to the policing. I've seen some pretty fancy stories coming out of my local police service, maybe a bit credulously reported as well.

      His ideas also seem more compatible than most with the looming budget cuts.

      What the checks on Cumbria Police will say about his other work, I'm not going to guess at. And it's such an unusual situation.

  2. ShaggyDoggy


    Go on then, there's 2 computers, examine the hard drives then tell me which one is stolen

  3. Asgard
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    It sounds like he is talking a lot of sense :)

    I have to agree with Jamie Kitson, we need more police like him. It makes a real change to hear some official not play the nanny state game that they need to clamp down on everyone else.

    e.g. "You don’t leave your house unless you’ve locked it, you generally put your car alarm on. The e-world is exactly the same. Clearly you wouldn’t let your kids just roam off and do what the hell they like, equally you wouldn't want them to do what the hell they like on-line.”

    Thats exactly the way it should be rather than the ever more Orwellian approach most other officials have in their relentless need to take control over everyone (as if they are to be trusted as some beacon of perfect fairness and judgment, when the fact is they prove they are not fair people because of their need to dictate to everyone yet they arrogantly demand that we give them ever more power over us all). Society based policing is a lot better than a state imposed Police State.

    So it really makes a change to hear some official making some sense! ... we need a lot more police like him and he needs everyone's support to help his message spread. :)

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    This is one dangerous copper!

    He's got common sense. No wonder his chief wants him out.

  5. Version 1.0 Silver badge
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    Cyberspace protection ...

    It's always kinda two-faced to my way of looking at it:

  6. Gordon is not a Moron

    Quick somebody fire him...

    it sounds like he has a clue about t'internet and tech stuff, so obviously the wrong man for the job.

  7. Graham Marsden
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    "everyone has a responsibility to protect themselves and their children"

    I had to read that twice to make sure it didn't say "the government and everyone else have a responsibility to protect all children everywhere..."!

  8. I didn't do IT.

    Oi! Personal responsibility not allowed, see?

    Hyde: "...Clearly you wouldn’t let your kids just roam off and do what the hell they like, equally you wouldn't want them to do what the hell they like on-line.”

    Yep - this guy is obviously an advocate of personal responsibility and involved parenting.

    His career is already over, I'm afraid...

  9. Mike Flex

    "But by going into the disk editor ...and getting into some sexy technical stuff.”

    Well, I've done my time with Norton Utilities but sexy? Naah.

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